Friday, November 18, 2016

Bad stuff happens to me when I go to............

Walmart. Not every time but most of the time. Rude people mostly. I do try to avoid it if I can help it. This morning I was feeling froggy, I guess.

I had already gotten all my most needed items at Sprouts and was driving to another plain old grocery store. I was thinking about fixing Turkey dinner for the first time in 5 years and I missed my turn. The road I was on takes the long way around a golf course that cuts the uppity part of ABQ from where the rest of us peasants live unless you turn at a little street called Seagull Street. Weird name for a street in the middle of the high desert but there used to be a seafood restaurant (damn good one) named that, thus the name of the street.

Since the long way would take me past a smaller Walmart, I decided to stop. Big Mistake. It was after 9 am so lots of very interesting folks were also getting their ingredients for Turkey Day and it was crazy crowded.

I had just scored some PJ's for Sweet Man and found a place in line behind two older men (about my age). They didn't have very many items and I thought, "I finally picked the right check out lane". I put all my stuff on the conveyor belt and had even placed the separation bar down for whoever would come next, when I heard a very loud and angry male voice.

I looked in the direction of the hub bub and there was this middle aged man screaming at the top of his lungs at a checker in her hijab. I could feel my legs start shaking and the next thing I remember was standing in front of him and telling him he had rights but one of them did not include abusing someone based on their appearance. He said, "Damn right I have rights and not having to put up with a camel jockeys brown ass bitch touching the things I want to buy is one of them". I shot back, No you're wrong, you could have picked any other lane and not been a "douche". You're doing this just because you think you can. Now just leave her alone. He started posturing with me, you know that stupid head and neck thrust (my male turtles do the same shit)  and then security cut in. At that point I wasn't even feeling fear but rather just unadulterated anger. I had no idea how it looked to others nor did I care.

The young lady was taken away in hysterics. The man was asked to go to another lane, to which he responded by throwing the items at the rent a cop and screamed his way out of the store. I was just standing there waiting. I had no idea what they would tell me to do. The lane supervisor came up behind me and asked me to rejoin my items in the next lane. I did. The young Hispanic woman who was my checker told me I was her hero. Because she has to put up with insults all day from people telling her she needs to get back across the border before the wall is put up and she can't. She told me her family is from northern NM and has been in this country since the late 1600's. I commiserated with her about the amount of stupidity when it comes to Hispanics in our state and said my family too has been here for 6 generations. We then found out that we have relatives in common. Happens all the time here in the Land Enchantment, for some reason everyone is from or knows someone from Las Vegas, Santa Fe or Taos.

As I was leaving, the lane supervisor stopped me and asked if I knew that man could have hurt me. Honestly, I didn't think about that until she mentioned it. I guess I've had my ire raised over the past couple of weeks enough that the pressure cooker had to explode and that hateful man was a pretty good target. The lane supervisor asked for my name so that they could thank me. I said no, just call me Oma and don't worry about the thanks. Then the store manager came up and asked me to be careful and then winked and said, "I thought I was gonna have to call the police and explain to them that a grandmother just took out a bigot on Aisle 17". We both laughed.

Another woman, who had been in the lane with the ass monkey, stopped me in the parking lot and asked me "what were you thinking when you confronted that maniac". I confessed, I wasn't thinking just reacting. I just was pissed when I saw what he was doing. She then said that getting hurt for someone else at our age was silly. I must have given her my best "eat shit and die" look because she walked away kinda quickly. Are you kidding me? You silly woman, what if that was your daughter, your neighbor, your friend? Would you have stood there and just let it happen? Probably.

Then I got out to my car, put my groceries and SM's new PJ's in the back end, sat down and cried, hard core. What the hell is wrong with this picture? What will we have to do to fight back against this stupid no holds barred attitude of closet assholes who now are out and feel compelled by the recent election to act out their hate filled rage? I need a drink, Valium and some potato chips, but I'm not going back in Walmart.

I didn't type this out to garner, way to go's. Sweet Man will be proud of  me but a worried upset with me for being the Aries that I am, no matter my age. Shelley cried when I told her and said, I'm so proud of you. I've always known you would die in a confrontation with a "mental midget" on principle. I wonder what the grands will think about me backing down a bully?

Lovelies, I hope you fight the good fight. It is worth it, even if afterward you wish you had been wearing Depends.

Smooches and Squoozes,
a very scrappy, Oma


  1. I hope I never run into a situation like this but if I do, I hope I can be as strong as you in my reaction.

  2. I've had a bully episode at walmart too. We have to stand for what we believe's in our blood and it's the right thing to do.

    I disagree on one thing, there's plenty of A holes whether there's an election or not.

    Thank you.

  3. I love you. You are the biggest, baddest, kick-ass Oma I have ever known and I am so proud to count you among my friends. Would I have confronted that asshat in line? I hope so. And if he has gotten physical I can only hope that I would get in one good shot before I went down. This new outed climate of hate (because obviously it's always been there is scary as hell. For us, for our kids, for our grands and future kidlets. We can only hope there's a huge backlash from those of us cooler, saner heads and that common sense and humanity will prevail. Have to say, right now that's not looking so good. Hugs to you, Warrior Princess!

  4. jesus fucking christ. what is the matter with these people. how are they so filled with hate that they would attack a total stranger like that. that fucker lives a privileged life and now thanks to that racist bigoted asshole DT everyone thinks it's just fine to verbally assault people with the foulest language. and you know what I've noticed, it's always men attacking women. they don't have the balls to attack a man. good for you. that man was a coward which he displayed by attacking a woman who could not defend herself and keep her job, all it took was another woman to run his ass off.

    1. Yes. It's primarily been a bunch of cowardly ingrates who are too shitless to take one someone their own size. I'm surprised he had the stones to yell at her to her face and not just out the car window like the rest of the yellow bellied bigots.

      You're a good egg, Oma. Why did you do it? your age? Hmmmm. Because I'm sure there were younger people standing around NOT doing it. I love you, and I'm glad you're safe.

  5. You handled this situation in the best way possible. Well done.

  6. Being a scary old woman can have it's moments...wise old crones are in short supply *considering the number of elderly is supposed to be rising* :) XXX

  7. Doing the right thing is not always safe. If 10 people would have stood up to that bully, then safety would not have been an issue. He would have probably shut up, knowing that he would get his butt kicked if he didn't. It's a terrible thing that only spoke and that others waited so long to join in.

    We all need to be like you and we need to be like you together. Safety in numbers has always worked... when we truly mean it.

    Be careful, my sweet Oma. And be you. Not that you would ever stop.

  8. You are officially my hero. I would like to think I would have done what you did. As angry as I got reading this, I also got a huge relief laugh at the manager's comment. Priceless. Such a shame that the hate-filled now feel they have license to sound off. We so need to right this ship.

  9. I love you Oma Linda and so does my mom! You kicked ass! You are our hero!! I am so proud of you! But, please be careful, it's so true!!! It's a shame, but over here in Canada, things have been happening, since Trump has got in!! It makes me sick! We are not like this in Canada! I was even following a pick up truck the other day, with a big sticker supporting Trump! We are in Canada!! I just pray, everything goes right for all of us! You keep being you and never change! Big Hugs!

  10. Yah, Oma, I've run into a few bullies too, and put them in their place real quick. They always pick on tellers, cash clerks or whatever the name is now a days. A real shame that hate filled ones feel they have a hate license to openly do things like this. There were here before that T guy got in ( I feel disgust to even mention his name) and are always will be here, probably always will be, but my moneys on you and the many protectors out there that would step up to the plate. Sooo, Oma Grandma, that took out a bigot on Aisle 17, I'm working on Aisle 18. :)

  11. Walmart is one of those twilight zone places you never know what portal your stepping into. Thank you for having the strength and balls to stand up to that asshole! Things are certainly changing here in Cali since were going to have that Umpa Lumpa for a president, so sad.

  12. I AM glad they had security, but I'm cheering you for standing up to bullying and racism. There's been a lot of that lately and the one thing giving me hope for society is that people now fight against that. It might have worked 100 years ago but not anymore!

  13. I know you didn't do it and tell about it for the pats on the back. You did it because it was right. You shared it so that it's out there. I am proud of you though.. your scruples are stronger than their disgusting bigotry. It's so disheartening to hear so many similar stories. It's just sicking. Hugs to you, Oma Linda.

  14. Well now you've gone & done it... ended up on my blogroll, that is, because I don't ever want to miss a post by you.

    Why is it that, when you go to a doctors office or most any office, they have a notice posted that abuse of the employees will not be tolerated & if you get the SLIGHTEST bit irritated or loud then you are out on your ear... but at a grocery store or wallyworld or... that they have no such policy?? When people are working for minimum wage in a service industry, the least that customers can do is to be appreciative & polite.
    Sadly, jerks are jerks to everyone they encounter.


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