Saturday, November 12, 2016

The night we made a real Halloween memory............

I know it's been two weeks since this event, but I was waiting for pictures from Sweet Man's camera. These are the only two surviving photos from his new camera that one of the cats knocked off of a table and messed it up. Yikes.

If you follow me on FB then you already know the Cuckoos had a blast on Halloween night. We set up our cinnamon and nutmeg enhanced cauldron over our orange halloween light, plastic recycle goods, spray insulation foam, painted embers. We turned on the fog machine and settled ourselves into waiting for the tricksy treaties to come into our lair.
three witches and "our dinner" guest
We hadn't plan on being quite as vocal or funny as we turned out to be. We channeled the three witches from Hocus Pocus. Every time a group of kids would walk up the driveway towards us, we would all say, "I smell children" and cackle. Even the big kids were taken aback and would approach slowly.

We even had to convince some kids that we weren't going to scare them. I just hate that. Playing pretend at this time of year is so hard because most folks just want to terrorize children. We just wanted to have them play along with our act of being the kind of witches that ate children. We had most of them in stitches with our banter.

One little one, oh I'd say about 3 wanted to know if she could give me some sugar, because she had never kissed a witch before. When she found out it wasn't so bad she wanted to kiss Ms. Shelley as well. And you know because we are fluent in Autism, that we recognized some of Ry's tribe members and treated them a little different. Sensory overload is so mind boggling to those on the spectrum and 3 idiot witches have to mind their p's and q's.

We had the snarky teen age ones as well but here's our secret weapon for their kind. Ry dressed up as the devil. He sat, like a bunch of stuffed clothes in the corner until after "older" ones got their candy and were starting to leave. He would then get up when they had turned their backs and followed them down the driveway. I can't tell you have funny it was to see this bad ass grown children freak out. We told them to be nice so that it wouldn't happen to them again. Big bunch of woosies.

When GK and Stephen took Ry out to gather ye candy while ye may, they passed groups who were telling other groups that they needed to get to our street and check out the crazy witches. One lady even told us she heard us singing "BOOOOOOOK", just like in the movie. We can sure call some pigs, er children. The best part was how much the parents of the youngers told us they appreciated how much trouble we had gone to and how special we had made the night for their kids and them as well.

Thing is, we had so much fun, we'd do it again and again. Maybe, goddess willing and creek don't rise, we'll be able to do it again next year.

Hope you had a great night as well.
Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. You win the prize for the most holiday spirit.

  2. What a great time!! Our neighborhood has no trick or treaters st all..,I even advertised full size candy bars and had no takers..,next year, eh?

  3. How absolutely enchanting!!

  4. What fun!!! I love the pictures!! I would have loved seeing Ry, dressed as a devil and scaring the older kids! Way to go Ry! I love the story about the little one wanting to give you some sugar! So cute! I wish I lived closer! Big Hugs!

  5. No fair!!!
    I would have loved to come and sit with you and play :o(
    Damn this ocean between us!
    You guys are too funny :o)
    What larks...

  6. even when we did Halloween, we never did that much. good for you and fun for the kids.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate Hallowe'en - so much more fun for everyone than just passing out the candy at the door! I hope you do it again next year! I love your cauldron. :)

  8. I love the laughter and the sugar. Just delicious that all went well and everyone had fun. That's what Halloween should be, especially when little ones are involved... Also, in these days we need lots and lots of laughter.

  9. Wouldn't it be fun to decorate and celebrate together one day. Loved every bit of this post. I had my own bit of fun and haunting as well with 91 goblins come crawlin at my door. lol


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