Monday, November 14, 2016

3.5 month old/update on the Cuckoos

I found this blog in my draft file. I know it's out of time (what isn't since the election) but I thought I'd share this, if for no other reason than the pix of the grands.  This was in late July.

It's been more that two months since I last posted. Lots has happened and so here we go.

School will start up again in less than 4 weeks. Doesn't seem like we've had 9 weeks go by but then again.....yes it does.

Ry is going to theraputic rec with the city for the last year before he will attend teen activity rec. He is 12, going on 25. This summer has been a challenge for he and I. He is trying to exert his authority and I am still under the misconception that I am the adult. Most of the time the mental scuffling is short lived but most adults would be put off by this skirmishing. Not me. I'm thrilled that he has and ego now and at last, that allows him to stand up for him. He is a delightful mess of a human and  I adore him.

Gerea has been drawing almost everyday of vacation and has grown another 2 inches this summer. I only thought she had the longest legs before now. Of course we have gone to junk stores to play dress up just like we have all her life. That is why she has the biggest closet of wonderful dresses for prom/winter ball/homecoming ever.
yes, this is a wedding dress. You should have seen the people watching her with this on. 

We had a super albeit late birthday party for GK and the herd of friends that she loves.

We had to cancel her bring your own pool party in June because so many of her friends were going to Costa Rica on a school trip. Bad choice of dates on our part. They were going to bring kids wading pools and all the idiocy that goes with teenagers and water and watch a movie using the garage door as the screen. Sort of a swim in movie party. The next party is the last weekend in July and is a bring your favorite pizza topping party. The movie thing will apply again and I will cook the pizzas on the grill. Yum.

We've had fun and accomplished many "have to do's" around the Casa. GK and her best school friend Stephen hired on to be my helpers this summer on Weds. Actually they work for a couple of hours and then I feed them, they then go to Stephen's to swim. (Not a bad gig if you can get it). Love their humor and the interaction of the two nerdy boneheads. Makes me laugh. Stephen is the one who is carrying her on his back at her birthday party.

They were going to paint the trim on the outside of the house and a few other jobs that have been on hold for such a long time. Well, the house painting was nixed by Papa Joe but GK finally got her furniture in her room painted. Cleaned out the pantry in the garage, did some much needed yard work and are in process of moving my arting room again.

If you have followed me for any length of time you know that I have the traveling circus of crafting rooms. Before the kids moved away to SC, (or hell) I had my craft "studio" right off the front patio, where people actually came in and bought things. Then when they moved back here (hallelujah) I moved my craft crap into the dining room/library. That meant we moved our bedroom into the old studio space and we still had 3 other bedrooms. Yeah, a perfect fit....except we have moved occupants and rooms a couple of times in almost 7 years.

When we figured out that we like to dine together as a family, we switched the dining room and living room. That is when my arting stuff moved to the breakfast nook and I was in there with a table, 4 shelving units and a chair. Not much room to move but I sure was close to kitchen. Then the brakes were put on my crafting for various health reasons about 4 years ago. There is actually dust accumulated on my supplies. Shame on my name. But I couldn't help not being "with it" to craft.

Writing this all down, I guess I see how really flighty I am. Oh well, you can't say it's boring around here.

The latest plague that has befalled me is my skin. First I had a continuing rash (fatty rash is what I call it), it went insane and I couldn't sit or walk without accute discomfort. Then, I got a black widow bite while out watering the front yard. Following by just a few days, I have contracted a terrible facial rash that seems determined to eat my face. Hot, swollen, angry and then, blistering and terribly itchy. I actually am including a picture so you can see how truly ugly it is. And I am truly, truly miserable.

I don't have shingles. I don't have adult acne. I don't have a skin infection. But there is some kinda terrible plague on my face.
Shelley and Joe are both doing well. Shelley has gotten another raise and many accolades for a job well done at her mortgage closer job. She bought another car for herself since the other one was coming apart at the everywhere. Joe is on hiatus from his voting volunteer coordinating job for the county. He'll be going back to work to prepare for the general election just a week after the grands go back to school.

Then I hope the house will be quite and I'll have less stress (good or bad) and I can enjoy doing some much missed crafting experiences.

Love to you all,
Smooches ad Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Better late than never lol...but that rash looks so sore...hope it is cleared up now XXX

  2. You do look uncomfortable with that rash. I hope you get some relief soon.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful productive summer except for the rash. Hope that is better.

  4. Your grand kids are wonderful as always. You have done such a great job grannying. That rash is concerning however. My sister has been battling something similar on her foot and leg. Many doctors later, it is still there. Really hope you have better luck.

  5. I'm happy you showed us a bit of the summer... and the fun... we need fun... We also need the rest. Seeing that life goes on--after spider bits and skin rashes--is a great reminder.

  6. Thank you for posting this Oma Linda! I loved seeing the wedding dress! How is your face?? You poor girl! I hope the rash is gone! It looks so soar!! Sending healing hugs!


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