Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy everyone is back at work or school day..............

I don't sound happy, do I? This has been a very "eventful" holiday break for the Cuckoos. I'm still reeling from some of the excitement and bother.

Before I tell you of my yesterdays adventures I want to share my word for 2017 with you. I have prided (and thus goes the fall) on being a person who can see the many sides of any issue. But that isn't enough in many respects. I feel now that I need to act on what I feel is correct behavior for not just me but my family, my community, my country, my planet. In saying that, the word that selected me was COIN. Notice it's not a verb?

Coin is not an action word. But you can use a coin to make a decision, choice, winner, bet. I need to choose how I spend the lovely time I have left here in this realm. I shouldn't sit back and just spend the time foolishly.....but I do need to spend the time, thus the word coin.

One way I'd like to spend the time is sharing my life again. I got my feelings hurt last year after making a dreadful mistake in judgement when others decided to tell me how I should be living. Instead of speaking our for myself, I just let is go. Didn't have a fit. Didn't make an huge issue because that's how I got into the embarrassing situation anyway. But, I was miserable everytime I sat down to write about anything for fear I would be judged again, because my credibility had been lessened. Not true, but I let is keep me from many things I wanted to say, do, interact about. So to that nonsense I say, I flipped my coin and I am good enough even if no one reads, comments or reacts and I want to blog, so there. And so I shall.

On to the New Stuff, New Year.

Today, new living room furniture is being delivered. 2 and 1/2 years ago, Sweet Man decided that he wanted a recliner for watching TV. Don't tell anyone but he really just wanted to snore in the front part of the house and keep the rest of us walking as quietly as we could while carrying on the normal activities of the household. I should explain that what he came home with was a couch, a love seat and a recliner, all of which reclined. I was not thrilled but hey, he lives here and works hard and I usually get my way, so we have persevered with the ugly, brown, fake material,clunky recliners.

The dawn broke on a new thought process for Sweet Man when his back began bothering him more and more as he sat on his recline and snore devices. We all avoided long sits in the living room for that reason. All, except Joe and GK, they slept lots on that furniture. So after all this time we went right after Thanksgiving to look at couches. Found a nice couch and love seat, black, leather, short bodied for our short legs. The furniture will be delivered today.

I didn't want to have the Christmas tree and all the mess from decorating in the way when they deliver the new stuff, so I left "orders" with the Cuckettes yesterday to get the rest of the mess cleaned up. I was planning on doing it myself but I have a visitor and can't do what I want to do.

My new visitor is Shingles. Right on my left butt cheek. The Shingles are very close to where I have other business to conduct daily. So the family convinced me that I needed to seek medical help and so that's where Sweet Man and I went after going out to breakfast. Silly, because I could hardly sit through the meal.

You never really think of all the movement that goes on in your bottom area until there are pustules keeping your skin from moving. I have never (and I mean this) had something sting so bad ever. When the bumps first developed, I thought I was having another of my many dermatological episodes so I put tea tree on it. Well that helps some but the lidocaine that the Dr. prescribed helps more. The giant anti virus pills are a little daunting to swallow but anything is better than this mess.

Ry was so nervous today about going back to school. I don't blame him. I told him he has this covered. He is the only one who is in charge of his feelings and that he doesn't have to let the bullies get to him and to be wise about his reaction to them. I sure hope he does okay.

I think SM was relieved to go back to work because he had to prep the room for the delivery. I was under the effects of the pain meds and could have cared less about anything. Shelley wasn't excited to go back to work today. She wants to be here to help me but I'll be okay. I can open the door when they come with the new furniture and close the door when they leave. Not much else for me to do. The furniture deliverers will put the old furniture on the driveway and my friend Verna's guys will come and pick it up for her to sell at the Oscar Foundation's next garage sale. Easy Peasy.

It's a win, win for us all.

So what has the New Year shown you thus far? Good stuff? Trials and tribulations? Same old, same old?

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda 👀👀👀


  1. Yes, we are all of us entitled to say what we want on our own blogs. I'm glad you're going to be sharing your adventures with us again more frequently in 2017. And jeez, I hope those butt shingles clear up fast -- what a terrible spot for an outbreak! Not that ANY spot is a good one for shingles.

  2. Shingles and gout are the worst pains imaginable, with the possible exception of child birth.

  3. OW! I'm so sorry for your discomfort, but glad to hear that you are finding some relief... My father was plagued with hives, which they never found out what the trigger was, but I imagine shingles are much more intense. Hope you're better soon. Happy 2017!

  4. It is both daunting yet strangely liberating the day we Olde Bags turn round and retake life by the scruff and give it a shake...but shake it we shall!
    *I may even need to get a new doggy companion to help me with the biting*
    Hope the Shingles clear quickly XXX

  5. Ouch--having shingles across the bra band area was bad but butt cheeks. Owie! Hope the anti-viral meds kick in quickly. You definitely need to be blogging those feelings out so your body doesn't take it out on you any more!

    BTW--coin a phrase. Coin as in to mint (stamp) money. Verbage.

  6. Well, three days in, four days but today just started so I'm not counting it yet, I had a visit from my daughter and the twins and one of the girls stayed overnight and then yesterday I had a visit from a man whom I've known since I was about 19, a failed heart throb, he wasn't interested in pursuing the relationship but weirdly enough he has kept up with me all these years. he lives in Wisconsin now and came down here to tell us that if we ever need a place of refuge, we have one with him. It was a nice visit. and by all means, your blog, say what you want how you want and if someone doesn't like it, they can just not read.

  7. Glad you are reclaiming your blog. I know I have run off a few in my day. Fortunately my dissenters just left with no angry words as they left.
    Ouch on the shingles. I had them and they are just not fun. Anything that jars the body--like breathing-- sets them off. Hang in and hope they are short lived.

  8. Congratulations on the new acquisition.

    Healing thoughts for the affliction.

  9. Oma Linda, this is your blog! Say what you want to! Glad you're back! Congrats on the new furniture! Tell Ry to kick butt!
    I am so sorry about the shingles!!! I hope that gets cleared up soon!!!
    My New Year is starting off well! I am in control of me and it's going to stay that way!
    Love you!! Big Hugs!

  10. Speak, my Oma. Not speaking is bad for the body and soul. Besides, no one should suffer shingles alone. And when it comes to last years issues, well... this year will be better. We'll force it to be.


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