Friday, January 20, 2017

still no photos but.............

making progress on the cigar box lamp. Just need to find one little part, that is necessary and then I'll take some photos that will make sense. I have been to every big box hardware store, the two Mom and Pop hardware stores and am going to a lamp store today to locate this one little, for crying out loud piece that I am missing. Found another book of music that is even more aged at my new favorite "junque" store and will begin the paper mache project on the musical drum table this weekend with GK. That is unless she gets a better offer from her friends.

always a star
So you're asking yourself, what has she been doing all this time? And I'm gonna tell you.

I was zipping right along with my new found energy when the bottom dropped out of that feeling. My shingles came back for a second attack and my muscles are not responding well. As a matter of fact, if I were going to explain what the pain is like, I would have to equate it with the feeling you get when you've been to the dentist and they numb you up for a procedure. Just as the meds begin to wear off, that itchy, prickly feeling? Yep that's it. All down my back and into the back of my left leg. And then I have no energy or stamina. I ache all the way to my bones. And here I thought Shingles were turning out to be no big deal. Ha. See what I get?

except with Shingles
But there is a good part to what I've been doing though.

I bought myself an Instant Pot. Thought since I am the main "cooker of the evening meal" that I would avail myself of a new (to me) technology. I have been a range top pressure cooker user for years. But this little pot does one of everything and fast. I got the model that allows you to brown meat before you cook it into heavenly tender bits. It really is a great little pot. Shelley is looking forward to making homemade yogurt.

I also have finished the reorganization of the kitchen pantry and all offending items have been donated to a senior assistance charity. The offending items are groceries, sundries and supplies that we are not including in our lifestyle any longer. That way someone else can use the food we can't eat.

easier to please way back then
 I'm not the most popular Oma with Mr. Ry right now. It is really hard to be the youngest member of the family and have the adults make life changing decisions for you especially when that includes no sweets. Better for him but not a popular decision.

We also have our garden plotted out already, have ordered our seeds and have located a rototiller that we can use. Now to wait until it's time to get started. That's the hard part. I'm like so many others of you who can hardly wait until it's planting time. End of January always makes me itching for some planting.

But before we can do that, we need to have our porch taken down in the back yard. Bye bye back porch swing. I hate to have to do it, but we need to take the porch down before it gets any more ricketty. When my parents built this house, over 50 years ago, my Dad, the cheapskate, had some passing gypsy build on a patio cover. They didn't do it correctly. The pitch of the roof is wrong and the stupid thing hasn't drained well for all of this time. Needless to say, rot has set in and the roof on it leaks when it snows or rains.

We need to get the work done now because I don't want to take any chances with my turtles getting out of the backyard if some demolition person leaves the gate open. Through the years, I have had more than one confrontation with folks doing work for us about my shelled babies and their safely. If we get the work done now while my turtles are hibernating, then everyone will be better off. I won't have to stress and the workers won't have to listen to me bitch about their gate closing skills or lack thereof.
We won't have shade like we have had for all these years, for awhile, but we'll manage with that. I think I will have to find someone who can build me a stand for the swing though. I can't imagine a summer without spending part of the every evening swinging and talking but then, I may have to learn to imagine if I can't find someone to build the stand.

I'm staying off of social media for the day. I will turn my TV to music and let the day go by.

Hope you have a great day.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. me too, staying off social media. don't want to see it, don't want to hear about it. the baby turtles are so cute.

  2. UGH! Shingles, BE GONE, she will have no more of thee! So sorry to hear it came back. I'm feeling your pain about the loss of your porch, too. Hurricane Matthew took the roof off my double carport (among other things) and boy do I miss it! Definitely look into getting a stand made for your swing. My grand calls our swing her "thinkin' spot".

  3. Wow, you've accomplished many many things for someone with shingles! Jeez, I hope those clear up for you soon. I had a good laugh at your reference to the "passing gypsy."

  4. My wife has suffered with shingles and I wouldn't wish that agony on anyone;, well, maybe the new guy in the White House.

  5. Not fair to get it twice!!! I heard that can happen. Big time bummer. I just got my first seed catalog and know how you feel. I'm getting the urge to get my hands dirty. Good luck with the demolition

  6. Sorry that the Shingles are kicking you around again...but happy that your mind is bored enough to be making such wonderful plans around your home :D XXX

  7. Your shingles need to stop their nonsense. Don't they know that you can slap them silly? Seriously.

    It's sooo good to read you planning your garden... ;-)

  8. I hope the shingles go away soon!!!
    You've been busy girl! Congrats on your new Instant Pot! I hope you get your swing built! I love the grandkids pics and your little turtles!
    Love you! Big Hugs!

  9. Sounds like a lot of us are making the same shift into cleaner eating and sustainability. May your shingles improve and all your projects be bountiful.


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