Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What a difference a week makes...............

We had a snow day from school this last Friday. That means the kids only went to school three days last week. We had a "sicky" adult yesterday, that meant I was not home alone.

Is is that I am like velcro and not everyone can be gone at the same time every day now? Or is it that we just haven't gotten back in the groove again after the holidays? Or there is a third possibility. I am in need of alone time. Ding, ding, ding......that's the winner.

Alone is good, comfortable, pleasant, healing, soothing. I need all those things. I am a biotch and I embrace that about myself.

The shingles have gotten much better. No complaints there. The medicine was almost worse that the affliction. But I am on the mend. Still can't sit for too long but that's been a good thing because I have to "do" something. I have lots to "do".

This is the official, get rid of anything I haven't used in a year, month. That applies to all quadrants of the house except craft crap because, uh, I said so?

It's terrible, I have craft crap that is at least as old as GK. Not equipment but supplies. Am I really going to use all the bits and pieces I have accumulated through the years? I don't know. But I do know if I get rid of any of it, I'll need it within 6 months. It's the unwritten law of the IHA. International Hoarders Amalgamation.

And since my second favorite game (my first is to complain about the second) is hide the craft supplies from myself, I'm up and looking for all the things that have been moved, once again to accommodate the grands and Shelley's necessity to have room to live (some nerve). When someone else is home, they want to do strange things like talk, or go somewhere, or worse, sit down and be with me. It's a heavy burden to bear, this being a close family (sigh, 😽 wink, wink😼😼😼).

Yesterday, my sicky adult and I, went to the junk store. I found such treasures. A new hippie purse. A prom dress for GK. And two lamps that I can cannibalize to make one lamp which will be made from a stack of many of the cigar boxes as the base to be used in the living room.

We got our new living room furniture, it looks fabulous. Really makes the room appear bigger. We need more light in that room and since I "found" my cigar box collection in the garage, I am going to make a new lamp out of them. I also bought a drum. You know like the one from a drum set. That will become an end table. I'm hoping to be able to put a light on the inside of the drum after I paper the outside with vintage music paper. And yes, I will take before and after pictures and blog about them. Because I am sharing this year.

So my standing up is actually making me "do" some arting. And that is making me feel so very much better. I need to art. I used to art for at least 6 hours every day until the grands moved in. They are getting older, need me less and I can, if I only will, do so more.

In Meryl Streep's acceptance speech for the lifetime achievement award she received this week, she quoted her very good friend, the late Carrie Fisher. "Take your broken heart and turn it into art". I truly believe that. It has always been my brain cleaner, heart mender and soul patch. Not "doing" it for the past few years has, in fact, been detrimental to my mental health.

So thank you Shingles for attacking me in the butt cheek and making it difficult for me to just sit and think, which we all know can be a very dangerous thing. And now I'm up on my feet, pondering what I can make out of the 22 different sized cans I have in the garage for the spring and the garden. So much to do.

Happy Full moon day after tomorrow my lovelies,
Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I look forward to seeing pictures of your cigar box lamp.

  2. Shingles says, "You're welcome." Have fun with your arting!

  3. Sorry about the shingles; my Gramma had them on her waistline, boy that was miserable. Then my Mom got them, on her forehead & in her hair - gosh it's awful. When my Mom came down with them it made up my mind & I got the vaccine. Mr Shoes, though, did not. He said he doesn't think he had chicken pox... how would he remember & no one left alive to ask I said, but no. He also refused the pneumonia vaccine, but has had pneumonia 3 times already & each time worse. Can lead a horse to water...

    What a great idea for what to do with the cigar boxes; I too look forward to seeing it when it's up & running!

  4. Guess the universe thought you weren't making enough effort to "get off your butt" lol Glad your feeling better and enjoying crafting again :D XXX

  5. oh yes, alone time! I've been quite busy and industrious myself the past week.

  6. So glad your shingles is getting better. On the butt yet?? Bummer.
    I like the idea of a drum end table. Like Stephen, can't wait to see the finished product. You are so creative.

  7. I feel ya on this post. All four of the kids are finally back to school, hence me making blog rounds. I'm inspired by your post to get back into creating!

  8. I envy your creativity and really hope you share some pics! I was reading Dannis blog and it seems you both have some profound lessons from sickness. When I got pneumonia I had a similar experience. As fir Carrie Fisher she was one of the greats and a hero of mine.

  9. The universe kicked you in the butt and you are responding well! I am so happy for you! Have fun arting! Please take care of you! Much Love! (can't wait to see the lamp and table!)

  10. Few things are as soothing for the soul as art. We need to write our pain, craft our laughter, dance our worries... share them. Can't wait to see your exhibit!


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