Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day plus one..............

Wasn't yesterday New Year's?

First let me share the lovely flowers that Sweet Man got for his girls yesterday. Ummmm, actually it was on Monday night. He usually forgets, bless him, so this time he was early. Can't blame a guy for wanting to score on the side of okee dokee.

Then today, I went to the usual places and got 1/2 price Valentoonie candy and here's what we scored. The grands and Shelley will be enjoying chocolates for awhile.

Now on to the the promised (more than a month ago) pictures of my insanity crafting.

It took me forever to take the photos and even longer to get the projects to go right. I knew it was going to be tricky to decoupage the music sheets to the drum because of the slickness of the finish, but I hadn't counted on not being able to take the hardware off first. OOOOOpps. I've never even looked closely at a drum before so I had not a clue. Oh well, it turned out as I had hoped and has helped out the "where do I put my beverage" problem we had in the living room. I was able to keep the drum head and so guests, grands and the cats like to mess with the drum and make noise. Fun end table.

I'm really fond of the cigar box lamp. Until you turn it on for ambient light in the evenings, it looks like a pile of stuff hanging around on the entry cabinet. I like how masculine all of it looks with the huge brass pocket watch clock. I've had so many comments about it already.

I want to use the rest of my cigar box stash to make storage items like keepsake boxes and jewelry keepers. And I do want to make a miniature dresser using matchboxes for the drawers. But I'll need to clean out the craft items stacked in the garage and get ready for a garage sale first. Just as well, as slow as I am to finish projects, it will be May before I get around to doing any boxing things.

Hope your end of winter is mild and that you read or craft your winter nights away.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I've always liked cigar boxes and I like your lamp very much.

  2. Wow, I think the drum turned out wonderfully! You're right, the cigar box lamp COULD look like nothing, until you turn it on, that is. What an imaginative way of re-purposing those items.

  3. Gorgeous! Gorgeous everything! Enjoy those flowers and chocolates!

  4. Oooh I was waiting for the drum table and you didn't disappoint. The cigar box lamp is so much nicer that I imagined. Well done on both projects.

  5. Love those Valentine Flowers! Yummy chocolate! You scored on the sales! I love the drum and the cigar box lamp! Well done Oma Linda! I wish I could come to your garage sale! Big Hugs!


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