Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When it takes more than just a quiet moment to clear your head.......

Wow this has been a very interesting beginning to February. I have never had this many days in a row when I was this fuddled. Fuddled = not able to clearly think about or act upon anything. I'm wron down in a fog.

I know that the current political climate has much to do with my inability to "give a big one" or get a good grasp on things but add on top of that an encounter with two emotional vampires and there you have it. I've literally been sucked dry.

this is not our porch swing but the camera has joined in the conspiracy of "nope, not gonna do what you want me to do"
Remember I told you that we were going to have to have the back porch taken down? Well we had a pair of contractors recommended to us and ask these "fellas" to come and give us a quote. Now in my mind, (I was still in it at the time) I'm thinking that come and give me a quote means just that. You speak, I'll listen and then you go away, I'll contemplate what you have told me and then I'll get back with you.

Nope, these men took their lead from Lord King Marmalade, you know our current Toddler in Chief. They just decided they were going to do it no matter what. Persistent and pushy are vague descriptions of these two. They never shut up. Never quit selling another job. Picking apart what is wrong with our home, what is in need of repair and replacement. Telling us how great they are, how smart they are, how right they are.

I must admit, I was gobsmacked, put off and then held hostage by their quick con and their never ceasing speaking. Sweet Man and I relented and they began not tearing the porch down but replacing the water damage and rebuilding the structure. So I guess you could say, I gave up. These railroaders came at 10 am and left at 6 pm.

I must say SM was ever vigilant in watching what they were doing. Me, not so much. Their antics brought on a terrible migraine and I went to bed. Sunday they sent the clean up man to finish up the work. Nice guy, but he didn't have the equipment to finish what the others started and so they returned on Monday.

Monday, I had a few questions and I thought I was ready to face these "fellas". My Momma taught me to be nice, Linda Sybil and you'll win the debate. These non stop chattering ass monkeys could not understand why when they had only come for the check did I still have questions, why I wasn't thrilled with nails and crap being on my lawn, why I wanted the porch swept and furniture moved back under the porch with the weather changing to rainy? Didn't I appreciate that fact that they had saved the porch? That's when the flat nerve express pulled into the station.

To that point I had not cursed, I had not shown my anger, I had not let the full strength of my position as the woman holding their check settle in on them. But they got the whole enchilada of you have pissed me off from me in one felled swoop. I lost it. They wanted to explain to me, because they were the experts, how much they had done for me, how inexpensively they had accomplished that task, how grateful I should be because they were contractors not handy men. Rather, I explained, in no uncertain terms how rude they were to talk down to me, how lucky they were that we hired them, how fortunate they were that SM had dealt with them on the weekend and how I expected all the aforementioned things to be done and inspected by me and me alone before I was willing to hand them their check.

Now I would like to report to you that they did exactly as asked and I gave them their check. I came into the house. One of them called SM at work to let him "know what was going on back here at home". I suppose they thought they were tattling on me. I don't even call Joe at work. He hates that. They reported to him that I was changing up what was expected of them. Joe told them to buck up and deal with me.

I didn't know anything about the call then, (when I did find out I was off the wall) so when I went outside and saw they hadn't finished doing as I had asked, I was upset. The younger man who works with them and another worker stepped in and started doing the "clean up". The two ass monkeys just sat (literally) and watched. When all was to my satisfaction (well at least better), I handed them the check and walked them to the gate and put the padlock back on it.

Oh, please give me a chance to tell all about the adventures of dealing with these two. They don't have a yelp listing, they aren't on the internet, hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder why????? NOT

I then smudged the entire backyard, front yard, house and myself as a clearing of the horrible bad vibes they left in my home and life.

Still I am emotionally affected by this assault on my emotions. Double speak, lies and disrespect are three things that bring me to my flat nerve anxiety point. I wasn't strong and didn't dismiss them from the beginning and I am embarrassed that I let them abuse my expectations and trust. I got a really positive read on the younger guy who did all the work from the get go, so I don't believe I have to worry about the back porch anymore, but not speaking up has become an ongoing theme with me and I am mad at myself for not being who I really am..........a bossy broad with attitude. I need to work on that.

Just another one of those life lessons with a hefty price tag.


  1. Next time! Check out good intentioned referrals! You are correct, about quote! It should have been a written contract , outlining work to be done with quote based on agreed work to be done. If at that beginning point you sense difficulty, you end negotiations. Period!
    I was in contracting business, interior design and the preparation was the hardest part of my job. That is were the relationship is built and understanding of the clients needs.
    Well it's done now............enjoy your porch! Breath! xoDebi

  2. Our society doesn't treat assertive women well, as was evidenced by the last presidential election. Women are too often degraded for standing up for themselves.

  3. Yeah, they sound like "Bullies of the Hard Sell," alright. Glad you had that cheque as leverage!

  4. Since I have gotten so politically involved lately, I notice that I am speaking up and not taking guff more and more in other areas of my life. Could we, perhaps, call this The Trump Effect? Beware of unexpected consequences, Mr. T--I believe this single man has awakened a roaring monster in all of us. Lynda Sybil, you crack me up while you are simultaneously making me feel even more powerful. And I'm going to use some of your powerful words, too. Take that, Ass Monkeys!!!

  5. Oh good grief! How do these guys still exist! We like to think we are advanced as a species and yet still this kind of crap happens to nice people. Glad you found enough "good energy" from the young worker to feel better about the work itself XXX

  6. Wow, I am so sorry you were exposed to such bullies. I guess the only good thing is that they did decent work and you did make them clean up. Not sure I'd have been that brave. You go girl.

  7. I believe there is hope with the next generation... The dinosaurs and charlatans with their privilege and bully tactics have had a light shone on their idiocy and greed, the era of wealth at any cost, I believe the youth watch on and are disgusted, unimaginable wealth of the individual buying their way to leadership and using the job to promote their family brand profit margins, watching the choosen few shaft their fellowman, watch the powerful's destruction AND THEFT of our children's (the next generations) right for breathable air, education, public access to healthcare, food, clean water, That young boy did the right thing... And sitting on your porch with your loved ones, that thought may make you smile...

  8. Crap, so pleased you didn't let those bastards go with a top of the hat... Well done Oma... They will be more careful in the future hopefully 👍

  9. Shit Oma Linda! I hate pushy people! So happy the young worker, sent out some good energy!!! Love you! Big Hugs!

  10. I'm sorry that you had to experience the psychic attack and the expense of these, ahem, scuzzbuckets... but I am happy to hear that you still have your porch. Everyone needs a serenity zone, and after all the smudging (another dose couldn't hurt), you shall have yours back. Hugs to you, dear lady. Hope your shingles are better, as well!

  11. arrogant men. makes you want to just punch them. And they called SM! Had I known I would have written another check for 20% less to cover the 'disrespect' deduction.

  12. oh and I meant to add, nice that you still have the porch though.

  13. "a bossy broad with attitude"
    You Go girl!

  14. I abhor the Slick Willies in those Industries, they give a bad rep to the Trades in general. Glad you dispelled all the Neg energy left behind and that at least the job wasn't a total rip off... I was also glad you held your ground and sent them packing!


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