Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden and the weather.......................

The past couple of weeks have been so beautiful here in NM. Warm temps, breezy but not too terribly windy and I've spend many hours outside enjoying the plants, the birds (I already have hummers). The weather was great until last Thursday. I knew we were supposed to have a storm front blow through and expected a few things to blow around, but I didn't expect that it would be the tent awning we had just put on the back patio.

Shelley and the kids had gone out for the day (Spring Break time) and I was here alone. I heard breaking glass and huge thumps and scraping. I looked out of the back sliding glass door and the awing was being blown off of the patio slab, the frame of the tent bent, my gazing ball had been crushed by one of the patio chairs which had been blown up on top of the other furniture. The awning cover, patio furniture cushions and other lighter weight things were out in the yard. I later gleaned from information online that we had had a micro burst of about 75 mph. We've had several of those in the past 5 years. No changes in climate here, lol.

The neighbors to the south of us had a big old tree blow down and I found another neighbor, two houses up from us, umbrella cover and two of her large yard decorations caught on our chain link to the north of us. Lots of debris on the street and other folks out of their houses and looking for......????

It was scary. The wind from the south southwest is a grumbly monster in the spring and has increased her angry tenfold. All the destruction was on the west side of the street in the backyards and on the east side of the street front yards. Directional derecho. That's our new phrase at Casa de Cuckoo.

And then I thought what a wuss I am. All of the people who live through horrific weather situations; flood, tornado, hurricanes, and I get freaked out by yet another micro burst. Which led me to my thoughts about how when something happens to us, we, think it is the horrible happening possible, until we turn and see someone else who has it so much worse than us. It's all in our perspective.

So on Saturday when we were reconstructing, anchoring down, cleaning up and thanking our lucky stars, I did in fact thank the stars and moon and sun and my family. I am blessed, I am humbled by my lot in life, I am a lucky ducky.

So I'll take our micro burst (derecho)  to be a lesson in humility and thankfulness. I love/hate lessons.

Happy Spring


  1. If more people won't think that way The So much better this cracked world would be. You had wind, some people have bombs dropped on them in their sleep, then try and sim an Ocean only to be villianized around the world, I think a lot about their peril. I feel a rant coming on, so I will calm.
    You are correct to HUGE your beautiful family and thank your lucky stars! Keep a weather eye dear one! xoDebi

    1. I know my dear, I think and worry for so many in the world at this time. Thanks for your encouragement. xoxo

  2. I'm glad it wasn't any worse than that!

  3. It sure sounded scary to me. I am glad it wasn't worse and you weren't hurt but what happened was bad enough. Keep your head down and take care.

  4. We have finally (pretty much) finished cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew. I feel the same as you... my family is safe and it could have been a LOT worse. Sorry about your new porch, though. I hope it is salvageable.

  5. WOW! Sounds scary. So glad you came through this unscathed.

  6. Don't you just love when Mother Nature gives us a quick jab back to reality. ...Maybe she wants to join in your adventures with Oz?
    All the same...glad you are safe XXX

  7. it's been really windy here. the weather is all extremes these days.

  8. Happy Spring Oma Linda! I am so happy, that all of you are safe! That is the main thing!! Big Hugs!!

  9. I'm glad everybody's okay. Here's to brighter days with less wind. Blessed Spring!

  10. Perspective is a wonderful thing. What happened to you is still terrifying, but remembering that it could've been so much worse tends to make us feel a tad better about the loss of things and the fright.

    Hope all is back to normal.


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