Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Were does the time go???????????

I swear yesterday was Christmas. Time just keeps whizzing past me at break neck speed. Time does, not me. I'm still turtling it here at Casa de Cuckoo. Speaking of which, I saw my first "baby" up on Tuesday last week. She (Beauty) came up from hibernation, fat (she was extra heavy this year) and ready for a drink and a snack. I gave her both and afterwards she climbed to the top of the yard, went to the fairy garden and proceeded to dig an egg hole under the lavender plant. She wasted no time in getting back into the swing of the back yard. Squeal, baby Beauty babies..........

The grands were off from school last week for spring break. We had a low keyed and fun staycation here at home. We didn't accomplish a whole lot. Put up a new tent awning in the backyard, mixed up some more soil for the bucket garden, talked about life, watched movies and just hung out.

My grands, because they have not been raised in a traditional "churchy" home have questions about other religions and customs. It is always my pleasure as a former Christian Educator to take the time to do comparative religions with them during spring break. In years past we have done Buddism, Taoism, Islam, and Native American traditions. This year was no exception. Both GereaKaye and Ry are pretty well versed in other religions and this year it was Christianity that we looked at. I know to those of you who have the knowledge of the Christian church this seems strange but to those who are not of that faith, some of the practices are noteworthy and puzzling to those who have never been "in" church. Take for example Ash Wednesday and the practice of wearing the ashes on the forehead. Ry said he thought that their mothers had smudged them for protection and then forgot to make sure to wipe it off. You see, pagan thought process.

It was fun. Loads of really great and deep questions. We watched Hair (did you ever know that it was a Christian based story of sacrifice and love?), Jesus Christ Superstar and The Last Temptation of Christ.

Ry wasn't really taken by Hair. Too many nekkid people. GK loved the hippiness of it and also the music. She was so aware of the theme of the musical that she is the first person who I know that got it the first time through. Just another thing that I love her for. She cried and laughed at the same time at the message. She was moved.

After watching JCS, GereaKaye called her best friend Stephen, who is a Christian and apologized to him for not taking his faith seriously. She said she had never known how sad Jesus' sacrifice was and how moving the Holy Week story really was. I was very proud of her for being able to do that. Sidenote....when she apologized, and explained to Stephen that she had watched JCS and was moved. He said that he had never heard of JCS before. When she asked if he would like to watch it with her so he could know about it, he declined saying he didn't think he should. Hmmmmmmmmm. See this is a problem for me. Close your mind to anything that is not approved by the "elders" in your church. Knowledge is there to be gleaned, processed, accessed and then either believed or rejected but not just thrown away......oh well. See what I get for believing in Science.

Ry and I had had an opportunity the week before Spring Break, while we waited for Gerea one afternoon, to go over the Holy Week story so he was ready for the movie. As a matter of fact he surprised me by being as interested in the movie as he was. Neither of them cared for The Last Temptation. They thought it was too "Hollywood". I can't help but laugh. None of the three movies would have past muster when I was working at the church. But for me, JCS has always been a favorite production, story and has a powerful effect on me. I could still be a closet Christian. I don't have a thing against God (or the rest of the deities) I just didn't get along with his children that thought the church was just for them and no one else.

Happy Spring my lovelies and if I have offended any of you, please forgive my candor. I am who I am.

xoxo Oma Linda


  1. good for you. not indoctrinating those kids but giving them all kinds of exposure to the ways in which people express their spirituality.

  2. Thanks for catching us up. At a certain age, which I've reached, time seems to move very quickly.

  3. I was a teenager when Jesus Christ Superstar was hot on Broadway and then became a movie. It taught me that it's okay to question Christian doctrine. That's clearly still verboten in many churches.

  4. Boy are they lucky to have you to lead them through the complexities of religion and let them understand the differences. I don't think there would be such small mindedness and hatred if more people just understood the others belief. I have my faith but like you, do not enjoy "man's" religion.

  5. Fabulous post Oma...I could feel your joy at the open honest faith structure within your family :D *closet JCS fan who still has original vinyl album + cd version + new dvd version*

  6. You've made me want to re-watch JCS...

  7. Hi Oma Linda! So good to hear from you! I have missed you! Happy Spring! So excited about your babies!!! I think it's excellent how open you are about all faiths in your family!! Everyone should be like this! Love you! Big Hugs!

  8. Your candor is refreshing and I'm in complete Agreement that exposure and learning about the differences among Humankind create and foster Harmony and dispel so much ignorance and hopefully bias and hatred as well. Your Post was a good read, so glad I discovered your Blog this Evening while I was having an Insomniac Moment and pondering deep topics myself.

  9. Oma Linda, Oma Linda, you always give me joy. When I see someone with an ashy forehead, for the rest of my life I will think of Ry's pagan thought process. You've given those kids so much in educating them in the world's religions. You are one of a kind. xoxoxo from Clair Z in southern New Mexico.


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