Thursday, June 14, 2018

With a little encouragement......I'm back

You can thank Shelle Kennedy (Sunshineshelle) for my return. She made me cry a lot and feel empowered mucho, when she said that she enjoyed my posts which were a little like a day in the life kinda thingie. I guess I felt a little like Sally Fields, "you like me, you really like me". And I love you right back.

Some of my best days have been when I was writing posts about "one of everything", hosting an Oz kinda party or boring you all with my silly adventures with my darling grands. Some of my worst days were made better by just knowing you lovelies were out there rooting for each other and also me. I lost track of that feeling. Sorry, oops.

You have all seen me through the gambit of emotions, situations and moments in the past and I've missed sharing with all of you. I got lazy, depressed, ground down by life and just quit. Shame on my name! I still have so much to share and just figured that particular bit out lately.

So I shall, in small doses, catch you up on the craziness of Casa de Cuckoo. We cuckoos are all the same, only a year older, several life times smarter and have lived some interesting moments and experienced change. Change is the only constant in life and I should have that tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. Or maybe record it and let it play on a loop to remind me, all is well with my soul.

I'll start with the newest stuff and work my way backwards, forwards and 'whateverwards'.

Joe, my darling Sweet Man, is still working. Albeit a new/old job. He travels the state, comes home every night and is much happier than when he tried to retire last year. He got bored before the first week was over. Like all men, cough, cough, he then began to tell me how I could do things here at the Casa. Yep, that didn't workout so well and he joined the gym, had lunch with friends, sorta worked at cleaning up his area of the garage for another week and then announced that he had gotten another job, selling and traveling. What a guy. Gotta love him, and I do.

Shelley is still working in mortgage. But there's so much that has changed in her life. She had almost given up dating all together when last August 5th she had a date with a nice guy. Now that may not sound like much but it was beginning of the "greatest adventure of all" (using a quote from Up the movie because they are like Carl and Ellie). She found her soulmate Brian. They got engaged in February and are hoping to pull off a wedding as close to August 5th as possible. Whirlwind is an understatement.

Brian has two daughters, Sierra, 17 and Sydney 15. That means 4 teenagers in the new blended family. GereaKaye is 18, RyLeigh is 14. Brian and Shelley are in for a "very big adventure" with these craZy four younguns. The kids get along great. They even like each other (for reals). So much so, that overnights for the kids happen often, as do going to the movies, out to eat and just hanging out together without the adults. The noise level multiplies by a bazillion when they are all together. Never quiet, I'll tell ya.
Ry and Sydney top row. Sierra and GereaKaye bottom row. This photo was taken at Ry's and my birthday dinner.

Then "Brielley" (you know like blending Brian and Shelley?) went looking for a house in which to house said loudish family. They found a wonderful 4 bedroom in a gated community which had been on the market for only 10 days. They made an offer and bingo bango, they will move into said house in July, right after they get back from a vacation to TX and OKLA so Shelly and the grands can meet Brian's parents. Things just zip along at light speed.

Are you getting tired just reading about all the activity going on here?

Me too.

I am also having a issue with empty nest syndrome.  You remember 9 years ago when Shelley and the grands moved into our home for 6 months...............and have been here ever since? Me too and sometimes it seems like they have been here forever and now it's only a few weeks until they move.

It kinda scares me. Who knew I would be this attached to the 3 generation bundle of us?

More soon.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

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