Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What's been happening here at Casa de Cuckoo...............

Background for the Background would be redundant but I think it is appropriate in this post.

Several years ago, I had, what I now know was a nervous breakdown. That was one of the reasons that I quit having fun on my blog, being a good friend to many of you, being good to myself and just generally being a bit of an old poop. I didn't think I deserved to be part of anything outside of the bare minimum here at home. Some days it was too much to even be a good Oma, fix dinner, clean the house, or do any "arting" at all. It was a very dry, lonely, self imposed prison sentence.

No surprise, during this depression, I developed real and some not real health issues. I gained weight, my blood pressure increased, I thought I would pass away soon and this was the darkest period of my life.

All that is in the past, I am, because of some wisdom that came into my life just in the nick of time, on a different path. I see hope, I feel valid, I can once again be a part of the life that occurs around me.

In the past 5 days a huge change has happened in my physicality. I'm on a very strict food regime for anti swelling. It is very much like the gout cleanse diet. No beef, organ meat, oatmeal, fried food, fish, shellfish, alcohol, caffeine, limited salt and sugar, or carbonated drinks. My feet have begun to shrink (like crazy) and the pain is so much less. Tart cherry juice, celery seed pills and a prescription have all made this possible. Things is lookin' up, ya'll. My fibro pain has also decreased.

My family has, as always, been super supportive, caring and during that time, they learned not to push me and to be gentle with me. I know that it all was very hard for all of them. They were rock stars, especially the grands. They picked up the slack, babysat me when I was very, very low and kept my sense of humor in tact. Both of those youngun's are going to be amazing grown ups.

So now the new/old me is looking for trouble to get into again. I've been working on my gardens, decorating the outdoor spaces and making a macrame art piece for the front patio, which I will post photos of soonest. I have also been working on gypsy curtains for the dining room. Lots of lace, crochet pieces and vintage napkins, dresser scarves and other cutwork are all being combined to make these curtains. Damn Pinterest and all the ideas I have gotten from that site.

The grands and Shelley are on vacation with Brian and his girls in Oklahoma and Texas. They went rafting, visited with his extended family and the Cuckoos got to meet Brian's parents in Oklahoma and then they will go on to Dallas to attend Warped Tour, go to a water park or amusement park of their choosing and then come home to packing and moving into their new (spectacular) home.

I'm tired for them. Good thing they are all young, healthy and crazy.

So there is the background for the new craziness I hope to perpetrate here on Blogger (thanks Ms. M). I'm tired of not staying in touch with all of you and sharing some fun. Let me know how you are doing. I miss you very much.

Smooches and Squoozes,
Oma Linda