Thursday, September 6, 2018

shame on ya blogger.................

Hope your September started on a great note for each of you.

Let me tell you......I thought none of you loved me anymore cuz, I didn't get any comments on my last post. Oops, blogger tricked me again. I'm gonna have to see about changing whatever it is that doesn't allow me to see comments for such a long period of time.

So to the other side of this issue, I still love you all lovelies and thank you for the well wishes for getting over (er, down the lane) with my Cuckoos having flown the nest.

So here's the latest maniac inducing deal with the house......

The cat's lost their minds (all except mine and she's feral so no counting her in on this song and dance) because they were so very upset at being left by their humans and really messed up the carpets and the old mattresses we hadn't gotten out to the street to large item pick up yet. I thought that I was keeping them entertained enough but I guess they decided to show Shelley and the kids that the things they left behind and the carpet in their rooms would be marked. But Joe and I were the ones that got penalized. YUK.

Good thing I was going to put new flooring in the three bedrooms anyway. Just hadn't planned on immediately.

The dogs thought the cats weren't doing a good enough job so they "pitched in". I swear, I've had animals treat me differently upon arriving home from a trip, but never like these baddies. Sheesh.

The dogs are going to Shelley's this weekend and the two cats will be following in the next two weeks. First will be Chandler, then Uma. We figure if B's dogs can handle Chandler the humongous critter cat, then they will leave Uma alone when she moves in. The animals will need to be incorporated with Brian's two dogs. But by then, it's no longer my circus nor my monkeys. And that will leave me with the olde lady cat and my black monster.

Now on to the good part. Because the carpets have to be replaced, Sweet Man wanted to paint all three rooms while we didn't have to worry about dripping on the carpet. We picked out a lovely color for the walls. It is a very soft, warm grey. The Sherwin William name is "on the rocks". We painted Sat and Sun and took Monday off for our very own "good behavior".

The carpet we picked out is "Instant Magic" and the color way is "Charm". I didn't even know the name of the carpet until we were paying for the install. this is a positive sign.

I found all manner of goodies at the junk store today. 3 lamps to update and put back into the "lamp work force", a gorgeous pressed glass bohemian candle light box, a silver pomander and tray, a large red mosaic vase and a  really sweet salt clay wreath with acorns, oak leaves and some bright orange accents (very 70's). I was hoping to have photos for you but between the time I got home, did my "pick and put away" work, fixing dinner and then sit down and's raining like crazy. And we all know I'm so sweet that there wouldn't even be a any part of Oma Linda left in this pouring rain. wink...wink

Next time I'll have photos.

 I'm living the dream now people Or at least I'm now dreaming. I go to sleep at night imagining how my new studio, storage room and Joe's office will look with all our "been sleeping in the garage" furnishings and stuff.

We are having a new washer delivered Saturday (I'll tell ya next time), the carpet is being installed Tuesday and on Wednesday we're having new garage door openers installed. I'm hoping that these are the last expenditures of any large amount that we will incur for the rest of 2018. Finger crossed.

Smooches and Squoozes,
Oma Linda


  1. Oooooo! Thrifting at the junk store, one of my favorite things to do. Sounds like you are getting your space back together and I’m looking forward to pictures. Stay dry, we don’t need you to melt!

  2. Hi Oma Linda -- If comments on your blog aren't showing up in your email account, here's how to fix it:

    Animals are so, so sensitive to change! And they let you know it! So fortunate that you were taking out the carpets anyway.

    1. I was going to direct Oma to your blog about this lol!

  3. Oh many people have been having the same issue with Blogger, but they have sorted it now*apparently*. So glad to hear your very positive self stretching your wings and preparing to fly ino your crafty world again :D XXX

  4. Wow! There's a lot of energy being expended out in NM lately! The wall color sounds so very soothing--great for relaxing and crafting. Enjoy this next phase in the life of the Cuckoos. I know I'll enjoy reading about it!

  5. I have found that I always have to check spam. Lots of things end up there.

  6. wow, new paint, new carpet, new rooms!

  7. It's wonderful to purge! Happy you are dreaming YOU now, Yes! I will be watching for photos. I too blogged after a very long time and the comment thing is it No longer will post open ID........something about cookies as well......

  8. Cats can really be vindictive if they feel they have been ignored. But it did give you an excuse to totally redecorate. Sounds like you are doing a great job. Pictures next time?

  9. glad you have the mess cleaned up. When I was in the hospital, my cat turned into a wild baboon cat, lol, he bit, hissed, growled and jumped up to the top of the cabinets if anyone came near him.
    I hope to see photos of your new rooms and fun new thrifty finds:)
    hugs to you!

  10. I can't wait to see what it looks like. I love the names of the colors. :-)
    bad kitties!

  11. Oh, those rotten critters! But, at least you're well on your way to getting your creation station set up again! I can't wait to see photos of your space and hear all about it when it's put together.

  12. I've been having problems with blogger too! Bad blogger! LOL!
    That is yucky what happened with the animals! I feel bad for you and your hubby! But, everything sounds so beautiful, with what you are doing with the house! I can't wait to see the pictures!
    Sending you lots of love! I know you are going through alot right now Oma Linda! Never forget that you are loved! Big Hugs!

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  14. The one thing I've learned about home ownership is it's never done. It's like painting a bridge. By the time you get to the end you have to start over again.

  15. Blogger is always plotting madness and discontent, isn't it? Seriously though, I wonder if you will be in fact able to fix it through settings. I hope so.

    I'm sorry, but I laugh at the image of the cats and pups competing against each other in order to see who could mark everything better. I'm a terrible woman. I can't wait to see your new carpet (love the names of the colors!).

    Keep on dreaming and living, craft while you rest and your eyes are closed, then do the physical crafting... and delight us with all the yum.


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