Monday, June 7, 2010

Cut your hair, touch the new moon water, give a damn ladies

There are so many people who are upset about this horrible tragedy unfolding every moment of everyday for 50 days on the gulf coast of the US. But not enough people.

Have you cut your hair to send to the oil clean up? Well my whole family is taking that on as something we can do. Especially this Olde Bagg. My hair is too long anyway. Human hair is supposed to be an excellent natural "collector" of oil.

Are you praying, meditating, send out postive energy to those that are cleaning up what has already come ashore? For those that are trying to find the answer. For that someone out there with the right idea to get this mess stopped? Are you giving the situation a second thought except when you see it on the news at night? It may not seem like it but the act of sending positive energy to those endeavors is very powerful.

Please stop for a moment and realize that we are all impacted by this catastrophe. Sorry, I don't mean to sound preachy but come on, we can orbit the planet, we can tame the atom, so then why are we still messing around and letting this oil spew and destroy and not stop it? I know, lack of planning always constitutes an emergency on someone's part. This is an emergency of global proportion. (No really Linda? We haven't been under a rock).

Our air we breathe, the formation of clouds that are moisture for our crops, the crop of food we harvest from the ocean, the list goes on and on. And the connection with the water that so many people are missing out on is huge. We should all realize that the draw we all feel towards the water is because we are all a part of the water and the water is a part of us. Whether it is drinking, watering our gardens, boating, fishing, swimming, playing of whatever bent....we come back to our source. The water.

As a pagan, I observe moon rituals. I'm not asking you to do anything except join me and others on the New Moon June 12th by taking a bowl or basin of water or get to a stream, lake, river or the ocean if you are that lucky, lay your hand in the water and pray, meditate, intention, cast or just think on the healing of the water. The power of woman in sympathetic action is a power we can use towards good. Does not make any difference what our religious, political, or other differing persuasions are, we are woman. We can do anything together.

Please lovelies, join me and my family this coming Saturday in putting your hand in water for healing and a cure for this terrible wound to our beautiful earth.

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  1. I love this idea of putting your hand in water for healing! I am going to a new moon water-healing meditation this coming weekend!

  2. I love the idea and could not agree more on the power of women when they put their minds to something... count me in for this weekend

  3. I've been sending as much energy to our OCean as I can every day and will most assuredly be taking part in a new moon ritual . *hugs*

  4. There is a stream 10 steps outside our home. Wallene and I will be there. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    I wish I could donate my hair - if I could harvest the hair that has been falling out of my head for the past few months [from being sick] It would go a long way - as of now I don't have enough to cut :( ~SkippyMom~

  5. I've not heard about cutting your hair. When I was by the ocean last week, I picked up a number of things from the shore and have been praying over them. I have a small jar of sea water and some sand. My heart breaks when I see what is happening down there.

  6. It is a tragedy beyond measure. Our greed knows no bounds.

    Oh, the hair thing. I read a news item that said the hair thing really doesn't work as well as other methods being used, they weren't going to use it and to please stop sending hair. I could be wrong.

  7. I've just got to say.....Can I get an AMEN sistah! Will do my water prayer on the 12th!

  8. As always my darling speak the wisdom of the ages.
    And of course we will do everything we can to aid in the recovery of our beautiful water.
    Our spring flows to our it is our life.

    On another it okay that I added a link to your fae tree on my blog my sweet one?

    It makes no difference anyway cos' it's already done...he he he...but I wanted to make sure.
    See you later sweetpea :0)

  9. This indeed is a tragedy of huge proportions. I will be at the ocean, leaving this morning and will definitely be sending up my prayers.

  10. You've seen my hair--not enough there to cut. However, I will be laying on hands in water on the 12th--I believe in the power of women and of the power of the mind.

    word vert: obbille This disastrous obbille should not have happened and should have been contained by now. Grrr.

  11. Linda, It is so sad and disheartening. I can hardly bear to watch the news and see the dear wildlife covered in oil, fighting for their life, some already lost. Not to mention the loss of oil, the mess on the beaches and shoreline, the jobs lost to the shrimpers and other fishermen. I cannot believe that this is not resolved yet. A solution needs to be found SOON!!
    I will participate in the water healing moon ritual. I love water and I love the moon. It will feel good to send some good energy to help in the healing of our Earth and the water.
    Thank you, Linda, for the "sisters" email. I was touched that you included me.
    ♥ audrey

  12. Lovelies, Ellen is right, the hair thing is no go. Not as I had heard but rathr a problem in an of itself now.
    But I am so excited about our June 12th date. We will be making a difference together. That gives me goose bumps....rock on sistahs.

  13. ~linda...powerful words you have written here...a wonderful post to encourage each to take a step and do their part to is devastating and breaks my heart to see all that is happening and still so many oblivious to what is easy for them to turn their backs and act as if they play no part. i was watching the news the other night and was blwon away by how many misc products come from bp...makes you really open your eyes and hands will be in water with you all...thank you so for sharing this with us...much l♥ve and light always upon you and yours~

  14. I cannot express how grateful I am to the Pagan community. Ladies, you all rock. I'll "see you" on the 12th!

  15. These oil spills, air pollution, trees being cut down, people littering, letting animals die from the poisons and the wrappers that choke them....... need to be put to a halt! I have had enough! In one of my exams at my school, for English, I was reading an article on Earth pollution and I read every word. I usually just read the question and look for the answer int eh passage but, I read that whole thing, and that passage was true and made me sick! Since no one wants to listen, we need magick to help us.

    Blessed Be!


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