Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome to Celebrate Oz 2014...........Hues of Oz

Make sure that you look on my sidebar for a list of links to this years participants in all things Oz and the colors that inspired us all to share this adventure with you.

I want to thank each of the participants who signed on to the fun. And I want to thank my family for once again indulging me in my mania and love of Oziness to the max.

So enjoy and Celebrate all that is Oz.

Glinda's Emporium of Shoes in Hues you will not forget.......

I have been in this location with my shoe shop for almost 80 years. I bought the place and the equipment from a munchkin cobbler named Obscar De Larent. Not long after we had the visit from the first Dorothy, I knew the times "they were a changing" and I would need to make my way as more than just the benign and sparkly caretaker of the Munchkins and sorceress of good. I sold my home on the beginning of the yellow brick road and came to the Emerald city to begin anew.

Once WWotW was melted, witches were not on the sought after list in the countryside for much more than a novelty. That whole nasty mess changed every one's life here in the Land of Oz. We now must have a right to carry permit for any water bucket with us at all times. 

Now, mind you, I'm not complaining. Anyway, I made good use of the work force that was out of work, namely the flying monkeys, and began to replicate shoes of the times. Mine, Elphaba and Ms. Dorothy were my first attempts. Little did I know that Dorothy would be my very best sales rep in the Land of Kansas and beyond. Who would have thought that by her going "home" and telling of her adventures that I would be a self made woman on copies of her ruby slippers alone.

I have had some of the most wonderful guest designers visit here in Oz since we opened the portal to the real world. Wish I would have been the one to think of that lucrative endeavor. I do so envy the Scarecrow and Lion. Their partnership has blossomed to the extent that both are now catrillionaires. But they worked very hard to change their appearance and blend in when they visited the real world and I just couldn't have pulled that off. It's very hard to hide sparkly. Their merchandising of all things Oz and their savvy partnering with writers, movie studios, musicians and toy makers was exactly the thing that brought them fame and of course you can't skip over, fortune.

We were all given the opportunity to buy into their beginning endeavors and I saw that my shoe business would also grow if I was to associate myself with their conglomerate. I am so glad I did. It's very nice to see people, just ordinary people having fun with my shoes. And we have created so many more styles. Most of the more bizarre designs ended up in New York, Paris, Rome and Hong Kong. But what is one witches "bizarre" is another woman's "have to have". It is an Oz wide and a world wide success.

I do feel rather bad for The Tinman though. He was so responsible and caring and just a little short sighted. Poor dear just thought that governing The Emerald city would be all he ever needed, once the Wizard, that old charlatan, left us with no leader. 

I'm not saying that he isn't doing well, but he is on his 7th term as the Grand Leader of Oz and it's beginning to tell on his shine. Why, just last week at luncheon, he confided that he must find a replacement soon. Certainly within the next decade or so. He said maybe one the Winkie commanders would be the best choice. I suggested that maybe Dorothy's great grandson would do a fair job provided he was given an opportunity with an internship in the government. Well, that will be entirely up to The Tinman and his advisers when the time comes.

So where was I????? Oh yes, I was looking through my old catalogs and colors chips and came across some of the very first I ever produced to send to the real world. They are a little crude but I thought you might like to see what we used to offer before the Internet took over our business and all ordering is done online.

"The Wicked One" comes in the most wonderful hues of darkness. They include: Ebony, Raven, Midnight, Shoe Button, Witch Hat, Broom Exhaust, Dark Castle Gloom, Heartless and Melted (the original).

The "Ruby Slipper" comes in Rosy Cheek, Hourglass Sand, Ruby Sparkles, Poison Poppy, Evil Apple, Heart's Desire, Scarlet Smoke, Merry Olde Red and If I only had a Heart.

And my very own "Glinda" comes in Sterling, Tinman's Axe, Sparkling Water, Pearlized Pewter, Slip of Moonlight, Glittering Nugget, Deep Well Water, Snowdrift Shadow, Silver Lining and the original Shining Bubble.

Our most popular shoe which is constantly sold out is our "Horse of Many Color" slipper that goes with any outfit.

I've given Oma Linda permission to give these sample cards away for this lovely little Celebration of Oz. All you need to is comment here saying which of the sample cards you would like. The drawing for the winners of these cards will be on March 28th and the winners announced on March 29th. Good Luck to all of you and I hope that you will go and visit all the other participant's blogs to see what wonderful Hues of Oz they have come up with. Just look at the list on the sidebar.

Remember my darlings, you've always had the power. (as she floats away in her bubble..................)

Thank you to all of you who participating and to those of you who came to see what Hues of Oz is all about. This has been a wonderful adventure down the Yellow Brick Road. The best year yet. So until next year...........Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Can you add me to your sidebar? I am one of your Hues of Oz participants too ~

  2. Oh my goodness, Glinda love, I hope you have a mail order service. Maybe Mr. Obscar De Larent recommended someone? I also heard the winged monkeys have been out of work for a while, so maybe they would deliver by air.

    Are you serious about the water? How many bucket permits can one person carry? And why do they have the law now that, "ding-dong, the..." well, you know, she went bye-bye melty-gone and all.

    I'm so happy you are letting Oma Linda give away the sample cards. I'm joining the celebrations with Red Gold over the Rainbow. Very nice shoes in the tale. I wonder if she got them from you.

    Happy Hues of Oz!

  3. Does it matter if anyone else participates? You, my dear, obviously have enough fun with this as anyone could possibly have, and I mean that in only the best way! Love your Emporium! I hope to visit it some day and pick out my very own pair of specialty shoes! Long Live OZ!!!

  4. Ohhh! Silver and ruby! You know, I'd love to wear one on each foot! Will they do an emerald pair, do you think?

    (Help! I don't know where to send the link for my bloggie post!

  5. fabulous :D ...and of course my choice would be "Wicked ones" I always wear black...or Raven..or Witch hat lol :D XXX

  6. I am just thinking about all the work that went into your posts and that, dear Oma, is a lot of time. I have enjoyed everything I have read and "Oz" is still at the top of my list. Happiness to you and all your "Oz" Munchkins :)

  7. 7:00am northern Canada time! Oh Magical Glinda! Darkest of shoes Please!
    I'm shy and like to watch from the shadows!
    Thank you for such FUN! Off to visit all! And see you next time!!!!

  8. What a joy you are to wake up to.
    I love the background and the ingenuity.
    My first choice would be for deal olf ebony, followed by ruby slippers.

    Thank you for hosting. I look foward to this every year.

  9. Oh! The Names of Colors is one of my favorite things. It's why I enjoy reading rose & bearded iris catalouges. The silver card is my favorite. Slip of Moonlight, Snowdrift Shadow, Shining Bubble......

  10. Oma Linda, you are "OZ"!!! I am but a poor relation compared to you! This posting was dazzling and so creative! And those shoes are gorgeous!!! I love, love, love...Hues for The Wicked...yes!!!

    What fun this has been ! Thank you for inviting me to join this year! Everyone is invited to stop-by and visit my entry at Whispering Woods and Cottage Broomsticks...thank you, Jan

  11. Thank you for being such a great host and for your annual celebration. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it. Your post is delightful and I do love the shoes! Many Blessings!

  12. I think I am going to have to go with Hues for the goes along with the colors I selected to highlight. What a fun Oz post you have created and the shoes are fabulous. I'm off to travel the yellow brick road and see what everyone else has done. Thank you for hosting!


  13. I have to confess that I've been buying my shoes from Glinda for years. Where else can one find such marvelous styles, fab colors and stunning shoes in Munchkin sizes??

  14. What a wonderful addition to the Land of Oz! I'm sure Ugu the Shoemaker was not at all happy with the new competition. No wonder he went out of business. Oh well, he makes a better grey dove than a shoemaker anyways!

    Let the Hues of Oz celebrate!

    James C. Wallace II
    Royal Liaison of Oz

  15. What an amazing post (naturally). I loved reading about your endeavers and thank you so much for letting Oma Linda give away the sample cards. It was gret hearing about how everyone is doing back in OZ! I have to say, all of the samples are fabulous but I would choose the Hues for the Wicked, followed by those loved Hues for The Ruby Slippers. Thank you for such an amazing party!

  16. What fabulous shoes! I am told that through some secret bit of brilliance, the heels never make the walker wobble, and nothing ever pinches! Except the black pair - but only if you get them wet! I love them all, but Dorothy's Ruby Reds are the shoes I've dreamed of! Thank you so much for hosting this party yet again - off to enjoy the adventure!

  17. ROFL, love it as ever Oma Linda!

  18. Emerald Green would suit me best, the sparklier the better. What a fun day this will be. Time to check in with old friends. It has been way to long since I have visited Oz.

  19. A few years ago The Smithsonian launched tours of some of its more popular items. When the show came to Portland we went and got to see the real ruby slippers from the movie. I like yours better.

  20. What fun! Oma!
    Shoes...Women can't do without them!
    I do adore the 'Glinda' Sterling shoes, if you would be so kind as to put my name into the Witches Hat for the draw!
    Thank you!
    Had a great time visiting all the participating blogs...everyone out-did themselves!

    Teresa in California (my email contact)

  21. Ok, one comment here..."WONDERFUL!!"

    Loves ya,

  22. Oma Linda, I don't know why, but this year, I have had the most fun! I love this post! I hope Glinda has wide fitting shoes! I always have a problem finding the right fit! ;o) LOL! Please enter me into the giveaway ;o) I would love any one of your fabulous creations! Thanks for the smiles and the great day ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  23. Oma Linda, I went to "Tami Von Zalez's Blog". I am sorry, but I am not on Google +. She was nice to come to my blog. Could you please tell her I was there ;o) I thought the post was cute with the barbie doll ;o) I am sorry, you had a few people on your list not post anything! Hope you had a great day ;o) xoxooxo

  24. Ohhhh, dark castle gloom, yes that'll be the colour, matches everything, and I'm off to see the tin man, sweet soul, sometimes I wonder who really needed the brain! Oh well we all choose our path and so happy with the whole shoe emporium (can I get 'taps' on mine) oh and maybe branch out a little (socks? Yes striped socks for all to match their sparkly shoes)...
    Oma, Oz has never been so much fun, each blogger I visit I get more intoxicated with what's being served up, and it's not just the rainbow cocktails! Thank you for hosting, I've had (and still having) a ball, now sweet woman, I have more windows to climb through ;) PARTY ONNNN!!!!!

  25. OH MY! This is fabulous! I adore the shoes, the sample cards, and all the wickedly inventive names for the different hues! I'm chuckling to myself over the er... celebrity endorsements?! Hilarious!

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful event.

  26. Oma, oh my goodness the wonder of it all! As we tap our heels we send 242 cheers into the land of Oz for you have made the Empiricism all that it could be. I have been so sick and I need the Tin man Wizard to fix me as I have been down the yellow brick road and back again wheezing and coughing and I am far behind. Please keep clicking heels as that shall help get my party pics posted!

  27. Oh this is so funny! and I love the shoes and the sample cards!! I love the names for colours too, my favourire shade name is Heartless and Melted (the original) :) :) and I would LOVE to win the tin mans ax silver shoe sample card!! This is such a great event every year, thank you for let me participate xxxxx

  28. Oh my.. this doesn't look like Kansas! What fun, Linda. You and your Ruby reds.. silvers and deepest blacks. What a hoot. And thankfully, we don't need a tornado to find you.

  29. "OOOUUUUU, Ladies! Gather Round! An OZ Wishbook! Why this is better than the old Sears Sorceress Catalog," exclaims Esme! The Witch Sisters and their cousin, Norma, have all picked out their favorites. Esme, who is very practical, is determined to gain the basic "Wicked"....YOu Never go wrong with Black, is her motto. Her sister, Grimalkin, is a bit more countrified and longs for some bling...sparkly and shiny which, of course Must be "The Glinda'. And Norma, hmmmm, Norma is somewhat of an oddball but she does fancy red. You may have noticed her red petticoat underneath her crossed eyes...."The Ruby Slippers" are for her!

  30. Looks like silver is the new red/black!. :-)

  31. Oh gosh... I would have liked to participate this year. I'm so behind in everything. I just had some minor surgery, and have all I can do to keep up with just emails lately. Can't decide which I like best.. the hues for the wicked or the hues for Glinda. I just love EVERY hue! (0: Looking forward to visiting all the other participants, and hopefully I can join in next year. ~tina

  32. It's hard to choose, but I must go with the Wicked shoes!
    Thanks so much for hosting this colorful celebration!


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