Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea at Oma's house with the White Princess and the Hatter

All of the cuties have shined their patooties
Made fun for the viewing by you.
So come on along and we'll whistle a song
And share the muchness of two.

But before the arrival of royalty and hatter
a strange little critter came snooping
I put her atop the pinkness of table
And she promised there would  be no problem....tee hee.

So from there, we have princess who is really quite stunning
with dark eyes and white lace so mild
And hatter all crazy and fiendishly cunning
Is looking for times very wild.

So dahlings come join us in tea and a cupcake
and children delighted by play
We'll show you their muchness and give you a look
At the Mad Tea Party today.

There's love in the air and then it's not there
the looks are the kind that can curdle.
They used to be friends and now they have quarrelled
a problem that they just couldn't hurdle.

So he gave her the boot and she took all her loot
and the two friends just said boo hoo you.
Til next year approaches and someone else coaches
the party once more to do.

psssssst...this was more fun than it should have been.