Monday, June 28, 2010


As most of you know we live in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, in so many different ways. The four main cultures of New Mexico are Anglo (european), Native American, Hispanic and African American. Yesterday on the State Fair grounds at a wonderful, brand new venue, the African American Performing Arts Center we were treated to a 2 hours of Baila, Baila (dance in Spanish). The performances were like no other dance recital I have ever been to. The participants were from age 2 thru adult. And you could tell that all were there for fun.

our own little Frida

Shelley, when a youngster, went to a traditional dance studio....for a million years or was that miles???? The once a year recital was torture. The classes were hard to deal with as well because the end performace was always the goal. Lots of pressure and humiliation for lots of lack luster kids who, for the most part, were there because their Moms wanted them to have dance lessons. Shelley enjoyed the lessons (even if I did keep trying to bribe her to do something else, shame on me) and was very good at dancing. She danced all throught high school and went on in college to sing and dance in the touring college show choir. All in all, good experience for life and fun.

This brings me to this performance and the lessons at Baila, Baila. I love folk dancing. Did as a kid in PE. I wanted GK to take lessons at this studio starting when she was 2. Unfortunately it was not meant to be until now. Lots of folks confuse Folklorico with Mexican Dancing.....they are not the same thing. Mexico, like the US has Native cultures. These cultures have dances that in many ways are spiritual just like our Pueblo Indians here in NM. They are only danced for religious purposes. Those would be considered Mexican Dancing.

Folklorico comes from traditions in Mexico, Central and South America, where the peoples have been conquered by Europeans and "borrowed" elements from the dances of Europe as well as the surrounding elements. And there you have south of the border folk dancing......Folklorico. Flashy colors, costumes unique to specific areas of countires, so intricate in design and execution. Gorgeous.

GK has taken 6 lessons, has her Mom's love of the dance and so was allowed to perform in the recital even though she had not had the required 10 lessons to do so. She learned it so fast and well that she was in the front line center. (Not braggin' if it's the truth, tee hee). The dance she was in was Jesusita En Chihuahua. I know, I said the same thing.....little Jesus girl in Chihuahua? huh?  Jesusita is a dance that is done in different "dress" for at least three states Durango, Hildalgo and Chihuahua in Mexico.

And of course while waiting backstage to perform, her dance was 19 out of 24, GK made friends and got a real taste of what it is like backstage. The teachers are wonderful at Baila Baila. They want the kids to do well but more importantly, they want them to have fun. There were a lot of kids who were, shall we say, having fun all over the place. Others having fun doing what they had been taught. The audience treated each grouping as though they were the stars, that also was a terrific surpirse and it was wondeful watching it all. The adult performers are heading to London for the Olympics and perform along with the youngers at all kinds of venue here in NM and the southwest. I have a feeling that we will be fund raising before long for the 2014 trip to Italy for the Olympics. Now that would be a field trip huh?

And now to Ry....couldn't keep him in his seat because the very first dance the adult performance group had done the sword dance "Nayarit Potpourri". He was over the moon. Wants to take lessons and be like the boys he saw dancing. Kept telling me about the swords, sashes, hats, stomping boots, jingly silver encrusted pants. So I guess this Thursday so begins the reign of terror of Ry the Folklorico dancing fool boy. I hope he enjoys it as much as his sister. (and me).


  1. I was one of those mothers who wanted her little girl to dance too. I sent her to this ballet studio close to our house and she loved dancing. She wanted to work her way up to toe shoes, which she did. However, after the 3rd recital, her 3rd year in dance, I realized the poor girl couldn't dance even if you held a gun to her head!! However, her wish to achieve those toe shoes and she did and soon after that, quit!! Thank God, no more grueling recitals!! LOL Luckily, her true talent is in music and she plays the oboe beautifully, or she did till she hocked the damn thing!! Oh well, her sins, not mine.

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    Love ya,

  2. she is beautiful.. I can only imagine how big you must have beamed when she came out.....

  3. What a cutie! I have a goddaughter taking dance right now, and she loves it. I had to laugh about your other little one wanting to sword dance! What a great hook to get boys to dance! We started dance (when I was young) with several boys, and then we dwindled down to one. When he wasn't dancing, he was on his horse!

    I came for the tea, but I had to read this first!


    Sheila :-)


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