Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea at Oma's house with the White Princess and the Hatter

All of the cuties have shined their patooties
Made fun for the viewing by you.
So come on along and we'll whistle a song
And share the muchness of two.

But before the arrival of royalty and hatter
a strange little critter came snooping
I put her atop the pinkness of table
And she promised there would  be no problem....tee hee.

So from there, we have princess who is really quite stunning
with dark eyes and white lace so mild
And hatter all crazy and fiendishly cunning
Is looking for times very wild.

So dahlings come join us in tea and a cupcake
and children delighted by play
We'll show you their muchness and give you a look
At the Mad Tea Party today.

There's love in the air and then it's not there
the looks are the kind that can curdle.
They used to be friends and now they have quarrelled
a problem that they just couldn't hurdle.

So he gave her the boot and she took all her loot
and the two friends just said boo hoo you.
Til next year approaches and someone else coaches
the party once more to do.

psssssst...this was more fun than it should have been.


  1. How positively, perfectly lovely! The photos, the set up, the Princess and the Hatter... next time, I'm having tea at your place. :)

  2. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    How pretty and sparkly! They are too sweet and the tea was delicious!

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  3. Awww... I loved visitng your party!! Gerea and Ry look so cute in the costumes, and everything looks magickal! Lucas loved it too!

    Kisses from us.

  4. I LOVED your white Princess and Pirate Hatter. So glad you hosted such a delightful party. Glad it was so fun for you.

    Thank you soooo much for sharing your Muchness!


  5. So, so beautiful. Please be sure to invite me for the next tea. How did your little turtle behave? Kept her promise?

  6. OMG, how adorable!!! The tea party was lovely, lovely, lovely and the princess and the hatter are just beautiful!! Her dress and hat are darling. I loved the hatters HAT!!! I love the sparkles in the tea, etc.
    What FUN!!!! You've turned a lot of work (even though you probably had fun doing it) into much enjoyment for us!!! Thank you, Linda.
    ♥ audrey

  7. This has been the bestest party. The table was gorgeous and so was the princess, and I never have seen such a handsome mad hatter. The poetry great, The guest was a turtle? But then again what did it matter.
    A fun time was had by all, thank you.

  8. Lovely! Those outfits are too much fun!

    Thanks so much for having us - please drop by for a visit when you can!

  9. Thank you for having Sam and I to tea! What fun we had!

  10. Linda!!!! What a fabuloso job you did!!! Splendid. The little ones are so adorable. ♥♥♥
    **blows kisses** Deb

  11. You had so much work on your beautiful teaparty! i guess your grandkids looooved to make this wonderfull story!
    and thank you for visiting my teaparty! I guess nobody knows i'm having it,cause only you came by....

  12. Oh How darling are your grandkids and what a sweet post. HaPpY MaD TeA Day!

  13. Oh what a delightful party! Your cast of characters are adorable. Thank you for inviting me to your party. Have a great weekend! Twyla

  14. What a lovely tea party!!! Thank was a terrific time...

  15. How cool is the actors...great expressions! Just perfect for an afternoon tea....

  16. Pink and sparkles and a turtle with a princess and a Mad Hatter--does it get any better than this?

    Thank you for an early morning smile and a sparkly way to start my day. Thank you for adding majick to it.

    P.S. No Red Queen?

  17. I love it dear.. I can only imagine the fun you had in doing it all.. makes me a bit jealous as my grands are not near... would be such fun....

    enjoyed the story tremendously... it was so "you"... love you dear

  18. Girl, you done good!!

    Love ya,

  19. Soooooooo cute! The ultimate adorable adventure! Thank you for inviting me!
    Kit from Paperkitz

  20. They are darling! Wonderful photography!

  21. Such a lovely tea party...thank you for sharing tea with me! ...and such cutie patooties!

  22. What a wonderful tea party....beautiful pictures.....thank you for inviting me. Please come by and have tea with me too.

  23. Ok firstly the pictures were gorgeous and the fine young actors superb!

    And secondly i laughed at your poems end!

    you made this look effortless and that is no easy feat!

    Thank you for a lovely time!
    Hope the rest of your week is madcappy zany-but with peaceful overtones :)
    XOXOXO Rhonda Roo

  24. Your party is so pretty! I love their costumes too :)

  25. Wondrous tea party! What sparkling stars and such delicious tea. If you have not yet done so, I'd be honored to have you sit a spell with me ~ for tea...
    Sincerely, Theresa (aka The White Queen)

  26. Hope we are not too late to join this LOVELY and whimsical Tea Party!?
    I will bring ALL my friends from The Vintage Fairy Tales! Let us dance and sing all night long,The Skating Monkey can tell some true and untrue stories!Love Becky

  27. I'm so happy that the penguine arrived safely!
    I really really hope that you all like him!
    It's so much YOU, from my Vintage Fairy Tale perspective.
    Looking forward to hear the penguine song from my favourite kids!!!Love/Becky

  28. What a magical tea party! The kids did a great job! Please come by my tea party it's never too late!
    We'd love to see you there!

  29. What a lovely tea party! Such an elegant princess and handsome hatter! Thanks for having me!

  30. A lovely party. A sweet Mad Hatter and a pretty Princess.

  31. He fun! Love these two - bet you had a blast! Thankyou so much for having me x

  32. Oh, this was ADORABLE! You have such cute characters. It truly was charming. Loved your story!

    Hope you'll join me for tea and allow me to return the hospitality!


    Sheila :-)

  33. What a fabulous party! Loved the photos and words :) ~Lauren

  34. WONDERFUL LINDA!!! How guys had a splendidly magickal tea party, didn't you!

  35. Your Princess and Hatter were delightful love all the pink too :-) So many parties but I am working my way through the list when I have time to browse :-) You are invited to tea and to join my giveaway there is still time :-)

  36. What a wonderful setting for a magical party. I have not made it through the whole list yet either.

  37. Oh my gosh... how much fun! LOL What a great day.


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