Thursday, March 20, 2014

Almost tomorrow........"click your heels together three times"..............

Last day before we play. Squealing with delight.

Last day to shine your ruby slippers, polish your Tin Funnel Hat, plump your straw (ooooh that sounded kinda naughty) or practice your fiercest growl. Then we're on to some serious Yellow brick road travel. *****warning, avoid the poppy fields!

And to encourage you to DIY Oz...........we did.

Of course you know who the shoe model is...........Helen Heels herself.

She was joined by a certain black kitten (Uma) who just can't resist being in most all of the photos I take unless she is restrained or taking one of her kitty naps.

These are the actual ruby esk slippers worn by the girl child when she was much younger but still liked to pretend we lived in Oz. Bet you can guess who was always the melty wickedy witch. Yep it was none other than yours truly, The Omalator.

And these were some wacky substitution "slippers" one year for Halloween fun. And I just can't give them and white polka dots. It would be a crime against all that is whimsical and wonderful.

And one more High-arious shot of Helen in her bestest tranny shoes. If she could, she would wear them everyday. Gotta love a girl with sparkly red shoes in her closet, right???????????

Sleep tight, don't let the flying monkeys bite......
They creep me out people. I love Oz but these critters have scared me ever since I saw The Wizard of Oz for the very first time.
S&S, Oma Linda


  1. Oh...what neat photos, Oma Linda and what fun tomorrow will bring!!! We can all travel "over the rainbow" together :))

    Great Big Hugs,

  2. Those red and white polka dots beauties made me squeal! See you maƱana, in Oz!

  3. Hmm...then those flying monkeys in 'Tin Man' were the stuff of nightmares?

  4. Red and poka dots! High tops! And a pointy hat.....very posh indeed!
    Just finished first attempt is complete! Until Moro! xoxo

  5. Paul Harvey told a story, reportedly true, that when Frank Morgan was cast to play the wizard he went to the MGM costume warehouse to look for suitable clothing and he found an old brown coat which he used in the movie for the early seen where he's a traveling salesman working out of a horse drawn wagon. When the movie wrapped up Morgan returned the coat, after first checking out the label. Written on that label was the name Frank Baum. The author had been in Hollywood when "The Wizard of Oz" was first filmed in the twenties.

  6. Plump your straw! LOL! Naughty Oma Linda! LOL! I love the red shoes! I wish I had a pair! Uma's eyes are so cool! She is a great cat! See you tomorrow! I don't like those flying monkeys either! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. I love the polka dot 'slippers' the best :oD


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