Monday, April 7, 2014

We went for a Sunday drive....but it was just the Olde Folks....

Sometimes too much of a good thing is more than too much. Do you every feel that way? Too much rich food makes a body sluggish. Too much wine makes a body stumble. Too much kid stuff just before spring break makes an Olde Broad batty. Yep, we went on a self defense ride.

Sweet Man and I got in his "vehicle de jour" and took a Sunday afternoon ride. I used to think it was a myth about Sunday drives and Olde Folks but it's true. We have our own reasons for doing so, and have been taking to the road for a couple of hours get away for years. We do our best talking in the car and we also are able to wash away whatever it is that is bugging us on the journey.

This trip we skirted Albuquerque on all sides and ended up in my favorite part of Albuquerque for a snow cone and some animal viewing. Made my weekend. Now to face the music as they say.

I love my grands more than life itself. And I would do just about anything in the world for them, and have. But there is something mysterious that happens to normal kids when spring break is upon them. When I worked with kids back in the Dark Ages, it was always hard to find something that would keep their attention at this time of year. Any teacher will be able to quote chapter and verse on this spring time ocurrance. I won't say they behave badly, because they don't but "ants in their pants" would be a sizeable downgrade on the Richter scale from where they get up to.

I'm hoping I can keep them busy. Now that sounds like a stupid statement but.............consider this: I despise them being on "electronics" 24/7. There's much more to challenge yourself with than pokemon and angry birds and minecraft. I know I sound like I'm getting old. Like when my parents wanted me to turn down the music. Or rather what I thought was music and they thought was noise. But if you have ever been around kids with DS's, or other equipment that repeats the same sound a bazillion times, it can irritate your nerves. Or as I like to say, "it's jumping on my flat nerve". And yes they can adjust the volume but that's really not the point. The point is that I want them to breath some fresh air, enjoy what there is around them and they want to sit in one spot and be on something electronic.

I've complained so much to them that they make fun of the the word electronics now like it's some old fart word. Sheeeeeeesh. And the word has more than 5 syllables when said in a mocking tone.

Yes we have the yard work but like Maynard G. Krebbs of Dobey Gillis fame, work is a four letter word and these two are totally allergic to work. We'll see just how much forced fun I can dole out.

for you darlings who are too young to remember this.....this is from the TV show Doby Gillis
Anyway, Ry is home for two weeks beginning today, his sister will be home next week. I will be in the looney bin the following week. Light orange candles for perseverance for me ya'll.

Smooches and Squoozes Oma Linda..........the Omalator


  1. It's school holidays (2 weeks) in Australia right now. I know I'm kind of peculiar, but I love the school holidays. Maybe it's because I only have one child, but I have always enjoyed having him home with me and I'm always sad when he goes back to school. I don't know what it's like over there, but kids get loads of homework here, so the worst part is nagging him to get onto that each day.

    Your Sunday drive sounds blissful! "Albuquerque" is such a fabulous name/word! :)

  2. Tag your it! Ours was in March...I think you remember my melt down! I am chief cook, bottle washer and chauffeur....Yes! I hide chargers on purpose! Husband and I took them to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman and air hockey! Built a snow fort
    And had whip creme on our morning pancakes.....once gone off I melted, melted. Melted.......I will send you Love & Light dear heart! xoDebi

  3. Doby Gillis. I used to love that show. Those were the days when television was good.

  4. I remember Bob Denver not as Doby Gillis but as Gilligan!

  5. I like the use of old English with the word Olde. Adds a bit of royalty to the condition.

    Hoping you have some fun too.

  6. I have a nice orange candle I've been saving in case we lose power during a storm but you need it more than I do so I'm lighting it for you.

  7. Sounds silly, but yesterday we had a really nice hot spring day, so we ate lunch in the 6 foot drift of snow in the yard and laughed ourselves silly. ha,ha
    Sending you a "lobsta" sandwich :) Fresh from the Bay Of Fundy :)

  8. If you find any secrets on how to keep the youngsters busy, do pass it along. It's a jungle out here, and the Little Princess starts singing--at the top of her lungs--at around 6am, lol!

  9. Hey, my parents use to make the Sunday drive WITH us kids. How on earth did they ever get away? Oh yeah, we played outside the rest of the time.
    Good luck lady and hang in, it can't last forever. Lucky parents here, spring break was cancelled due to so many snow days. Winter does have advantages.

  10. Well then I guess I'm an Olde Farte too! Because seeing kids with their faces glued to electronics and gadgets all the time ruffles all of my feathers in the worst way. I'm all like "go climb a tree or something" and they're all "but the Angry Birds...". Le sigh. 31 going on ancient over here, so I hear ya Oma.

    Good luck keeping the heathens busy. Sending you some juju to persevere!

  11. Good luck! I do hope you had your flat caps on for the drive (although that may just be a British old fart thing ;o) )

  12. lol!
    i love reading your super entertaining posts!
    i feel the same..I'll say stuff like, turn that damn thing off and draw something!!!!!
    good luck my friend!!

  13. I'm lighting orange candles for you Oma Linda ;o) Remember to breathe ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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