Saturday, June 19, 2010

Don't forget June 26th you have an invitation to mad tea...dahlings

You and all your muchness are most vigorously requested
To attend the back garden tea soiree at Oma Linda’s
On 26th June, the day after Frabjous Day
Any non attendees must answer to the the crow as black as a tar barrel.

And then we shall all say:

Then fill up the glasses as quick as you can,
And sprinkle the table with buttons and brans.
Put cats in the coffee and mice in the tea
And welcome our lovelies with thirty-times-three.
Do try not to be tardy or the White Rabbit will drag you to our Mad Tea Party.


  1. Lovely, lovely!!!!!
    Can You be my personal penguin and I will be yours?
    I would Love to hear Ry sing that tune,
    give him and GK hugs from me!

  2. ~we may be out of town which leaves me a wee bit late for your very important date...oh do forgive me so as i really wish not to be sent to mr. black crow...l♥ve! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. No, i won't forget Linda! But i can't be online much because my mother is celebrating her 60th birthday! Here in the Netherlands is about 6,7 or 8 hours later,so when i post my teaparty, you all are still sleeping,hahaha! And when you're going to my humble party, i probably be at my moms house :-( But she has a computer, so i hope she let me have a look :-)

  4. The muchness is my favorite word in this - since we are unable to attend may we throw our own tea party on the 26th - I know Wallene would be thrilled.

    Love ya!

  5. I will be there with bells on! Most likely, literally. :)

  6. Looking forward to it...


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