Sunday, June 20, 2010

Midsummer's Eve sightings

The kids went zooing today...these are some of the results of that trip.

photos by GereaKaye

We made ready the fairy garden for tonight's time for thimble cookies this day, so the fairies will have lemon wafer's and milk and honey. We are hopeful this night to see some fae.

GK & Ry are planning a concert for the members of the faery realm with recorder and drum.

I fear the rain may put a damper on all of our plans but we will be watching with anticipation and eagerly waiting our friends. We will include pictures of tonight's festivities tomorrow. Happy Midsummer's Eve, Blessed Litha, Happy Daddy's Day and Enjoy your Summer Solstice.


  1. Wishing you and the family a magical Midsummer's eve! I hope the Fae stop by to see you!

  2. We are expecting a storm here, too. I can't get outdoors until much later anyway, so I hope it comes early. It's awful when you have such nosy neighbors...but I like it late at night anyway. Enjoy your evening. Know that I am there in thought.

  3. Ooooo! Ooooo! Ooooo! You have peacock flamingos at your zoo! I have never seen flamingos fluff and preen like that--very cool shot on the part of GK!

    Awaiting pictures.

    word vert: reconco. I have a sore throat so I will take a reconco.

    2nd word vert (since I mis-typed the first one) ovedat. I am so ovedat word vert thing.

  4. I would love to participate in some of your celebrations.

  5. sounds like a lovely time you have planned for this evening.... hoping the rain will stay at bay for your... although a nice dance in the rain would not be a bad thing.... blessed Summer Solstice to you and yours Linda

  6. Hope your party was a success. GK has a very good eye for photography her pictures from the zoo are awesome!

  7. These photos are beautiful. I love going to the zoo!!
    ♥ audrey

  8. i want to see some pictures of GK and RY when they give a concert! sounds so cute! hahaha!

  9. It was a wonderful evening...hope magic happened for all...

  10. Hi Friend,
    My daughter & grandson took me to the SD zoo about a month ago & we saw all the cool animals in your photos. You know I hadn't been to the zoo in 20 years & I LOVED it!!! It was so shady & lush, I can't wait to go back just.
    Also can't wait for your big Arnold would say...'I'll be back!'

  11. I hope you had a wonderful Litha with your little ones, Linda! I had a calm and sweet Yule, that got more special in the evening when the postman brought me a certain giveaway prize plus the loveliest spell ever for Lucas! Sent you an email about it! :o)

    Kisses and love from us.

  12. Is this the Albuquerque zoo? When we lived in ABQ, we used to go there all the time, especially in the summer for the concerts. Such a great place!! Greetings from hot and humid Savannah! Silke


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