Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The evening was delightful

I have the same feeling the day after MidSummer as I used to have as a kid on the day after Christmas. All the anticipation, the plans, the festivities and the calm afterwards is a bit of a let down. Not a bad thing...it makes you look forward to the next time.

We were very busy with the tea party preparations on Saturday so I was just a big tired for celebrating Litha, MidSummer, Summer Solstice. But we did get our table set for the fae, shared some treats and milk and honey. Spent the late evening hours on the back porch swing...watching, waiting and tingling.
The boys, Joe and Ry gave out on us and went to bed but the three of us stayed up and waited....

We felt, heard and saw. GereaKaye has a sweet laugh anyway but when keyed up....she is a riot. Infectious laughter, sweet giggles and ohhhhs and ahhhhhs like when you see pretty firewords were all a part of the sacrine quality of the night. The fae gifted her with a quartz point and must have enjoyed their treats......seeing as they were spread all over the fairy garden.

MidSummer was quieter than usual. We decided not to have the neighborhood party because of elderly neighbors who are ill. We did visit with them earlier in the day and took "fae food" to them to share. But it was just us kids for the dinner and then Shelley fixed "trailor trash ice cream cake". Ice cream sandwiches layered with ground up oreos, layer of hot fudge sauce, another layer of ice cream sandwiches, oreos, more hot fudge sauce, cool whip and big ole maraschino cherries on top. OMG, we will have it for weeks. It is so sweet and so good. Messy too.

I hope you enjoyed your longest day as well.

A little over 3 days until the pinkest pink tea ever...................


  1. what a fun time.. but then I would not expect anything but that from you.... love the flower... beautiful

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time!!! Oh, my, goodness, those ice cream sandwiches sound scrumptious...and, oh, so fattening, but who cares. I want one.

  3. Oh what fun! It must have been magical. I would have enjoyed being there with all of you. I think it is wonderful that you celebrate life doing these special things.
    The tree is big and beautiful, isn't it? Yes, by all means have your botanist friend take a look. My brother sent me an email with some info and it appears to be an Ash Tree. Whatever... it is spectacular.
    Happy Summer, Linda!
    ♥ audrey

  4. Wonderfully sweet - oh and the cake too! ;)

    Hugs to all the faes, GK and you my dahling.

    Vert word: pyxecosi

    It's a pyxE cos I see it. heehee

  5. It does sound like it was a very fun time. I would have had 3 ice cream sandwiches. I love them but never buy them. Take care and thanks for sharing your fun time.

  6. I always love that you teach and share your wonderful little ones with the magickal side of paganism. I bet you had fun watching the garden be awaken... Loved the table set!

    We had a quiet Yule here, but okay. OUr longest night.

    Kisses and much love.

  7. I think it would have been fabulous, and of course if there is ice cream I am there, p.s. don't tell anyone. take care, hugs.

  8. What a special night you had and you got to share it with your grands. Love the hollyhock it is gorgeous.

  9. You have hollyhocks! Gorgeous PINK hollyhocks! Love them!

    Reading my book about the Folk and am enjoying it immensely--thank you!

    word vert: rannest. After an hour of thunder and lightning, it appears the rannest over.

  10. Surfing the web and stopped by from Gloria's Viva la vida.
    Yes midsummer was most loverly!!!
    Beautiful hollyhocks.

  11. ~such a magical day you had...sprinkled with sweet treats and wonderful delights...wish i could have been there to enjoy such a treat...our day was kind thrown through a loop as our sewer decided to have some issues...so i celebrated in the evening quietly...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours...brightest blessings and warm solstice blessings~

  12. What a magickal little peek!! Thank you for sharing and Litha blessings to you, Lynda =)


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