Thursday, November 4, 2010

And you shall not grow up to be picky.....ur well????????

Like it is a news flash.....I have younger children in my over 60 life, full time.
This isn't a problem but it has changed the way I cook. Both of these kiddos present a challenge when it comes to cooking. They are white bread children in a hot tamale house.

What I mean is that I have learned not to add spice or pizazz to dinners because I get the "deer caught in headlight" look if it isn't, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, hot dogs, spaghetti, sloppy joes (and that's stretching it), mac and cheese (blue box only) and grilled cheese (without tomato soup). Trust me, I have tried, I have experimented, I have walked out of the room and cried, I have smiled and thought about my lack of birth control almost 40 years ago and I have rebounded to say....oh yeah? well so what.

I cannot let either one of them grow up to not know what they are missing out on because they are too afraid to try something new. I can count on one hand what I refuse to eat....brains, beets, raw eggs, or eel. When I married SM he had a list of things that were no no's to fix for him. Well that worked out for awhile, because.........I didn't know how to cook. When I did, look out list......we are not called the Campbell Soup yum yum twins because we like soup so much but because we are chubbers together. We love to eat, both of us. Not many foods we haven't tried and then made informed choices on our preferences. I just want the kids to have a basic knowledge of basic foods. 

And so I am sharing a "new try" recipe with you.

I took an oldie but goodie and changed it to fit the tastes (I can only hope) of the two picky cuties, their sweet Momma and my Sweet Man who loves anything I cook. Classic Tuna Noodle casserole has become.......voila.....

Chicken Noodle Casserole (without potato chips or crackers for sodium control) and yes I did tweak it with some new twists for the kiddos to try. I can hardly wait to see Ry's expression at the rigatoni and sneaking in a green thing may cause a slight amount of consternation.

serves 4    prep time: 20 min     cook time 20 min

1 1/2 rigatoni noodles, cooked 12 minutes
1 can low sodium cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup evaporated milk, you can substitute milk
2 Tablespoon mayo
1 can chicken 12.5 oz or 1 1/2 c chopped chicken
1 cup 3 cheddar cheese grated
1 teaspoon dried tarragon
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic
1/2 teaspoon powdered onion

Cook noodles. Drain and add all ingredients. Mix until blended. Pour into 1 1/2 quart baking dish. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes or until bubbly.

Now we'll see if they eat this or it's another....gee Oma that was really good as they scrap everything except the 2 bites they are required to eat into the garbage can.

What do or did you do about picky eaters? I needs yo help ya'll.

And no there is no pictures....oops, I was just concentrating on getting it done so Sweet Man and I can have the afternoon to whatever..........


  1. My kids are variously picky - that is, every one of the four had picky issues, but each was different, so there was no way I was ever going to appeal to them all all the time. I settled into the "rule" - you get to pick what we eat once a week (two adults, four kids....we each got a day), on the 7th day we try a recipe that is new to us all. You don't have to like it, but you have to take a decent taste of every meal. Except they all got a couple items they honestly didn't like that they didn't have to taste. NO 'i don't like it' before they've ever tried it allowed.

    The second part of that is that you get them into the kitchen to start learning how to prepare meals as soon as possible. There is something about having had a hand in the prep that makes them much more likely to eat it - and to insist that their siblings try it too. Even very young children can tear lettuce for salad, sprinkle on seasoning, or lay out items on a cooking sheet before it goes in the oven.

  2. That sounds really good. I don't have youngsters around, but I'm kind of fussy.

  3. I'll bet everyone of my nanababies would love that recipe.

  4. *Gasp* You've not snuck in GREEN things?! Oh dear... :oD The recipe sounds good anyway, good luck!

  5. My daughter ate Cheerios for about a year when she was little. I refuse to cook two dinners and her options were a) eat what I made, b) have a bowl of Cheerios, or c) have nothing until breakfast.

    I'm sure I'll get a bit of feedback on that, but she is now 19, has turned out just fine, and is hasn't been afraid to try new foods for some time now.

    Kids palates are just different. Keep the rule about at least trying the food, it's the only way they'll get over being picky. If they really don't like it then give them a bowl of (healthy) cereal and a multi-vitamin and try again tomorrow.

    You just keep on doing what you do and cooking what you like. They will grow out of it as long as you keep trying. *smile*

  6. Sounds delicious - I never thought of chicken [duh Skippy] - I hope the kids like it - I think they will.

    I know that Ry has special requests when eating - but the one thing we always did was require the kids to take one bite of whatever we served. If they didn't like it, then fine. Out of the rotation. The hardest was my stepson - he never wanted to try anything I made [his mother told him I was a bad cook and was out to poison him - oh joy] but if he just had one bite he would see why all the other kids liked it so much and gobble it up.

    I make concessions on things like medrare meat, some of my kids don't like it cooked med rare, so back in it goes for them and also I only make potato soup for me and Pooldad - lil' heathens won't eat it. I also make my chili, burritos and tacos mild b/c it can taste very strong to the younger kids but I put hot salsa and tabasco on the table for PD and the older kids. [Younger kids have stronger palates then us old fogeys that is why some things like onions and chili spice or peppers are so dang strong.]

    None of this is helping, sorry - but it is what we did and it seemed to work because now they will [and do] eat damn near everything.

    Worse case scenario. Cold hot dog night.

  7. I've got one kid who will eat everything and one kid who won't eat most foods including fruit! At least we know it's not a parenting thing cause both kids have the same parents and are only two years apart in age.
    Some kids have a strong sense of taste and they can't tolerate hot or spicy foods. As you age your taste buds become less able to sense taste and so foods you once thought too spicy or hot may become tolerable.
    I hope my daughter gets to the point where she'll eat more foods, she's 12 now. You've given me hope.

  8. Sounds great!

    When I first got married, I would fix one of his favorites, one of mine and one we both liked. I married a man that would not eat squash because of the name!!!

    Well, he got over that quick enough.

    My children will eat almost anything but sadly, my grandchildren are a little picky...working on that one, too.

  9. I raised 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. They were required to try anything new but left it at that and made sure the dog was not in the kitchen under the table. All the girls are great eaters, the boy is still picky. I just keep telling them that peoples taste change and to try things again every now and then and they may find they like it. Also having them help cook does work to a certain degree.

  10. We went to an amusement park when my son was either pre-teen or early teens...went to an all you can eat buffet...he ate two carrot sticks...oh well...

    Picky kids can be difficult...mine ate a lot of mac and cheese...they'll survive on very little variety until they get hungry or decide to eat more...don't stress about it...just relax and make your meal, eat and clean up...when they are ready or hungry, they'll eat...

  11. I read somewhere that a kid has to try a new food 10 or 12 times before they will accept it into their list of consumables. In my house, they ate what they were served or they went hungry.

  12. Thank you all for your input. You just validated my eat it or do without concept. Shelley got grown and she often times would take her obligatory 2 bites and sit and wait until we were through. Hard times for her and the kids lent themselves to just giving in and this last year has been adjustment for all. But I appreciate all of you lovelies and what you had to say. The Olde Bagg


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