Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I know I'm late but ya know.........

I was going to post this before Halloween and then, well all the fun, frivolity and foolishness got in the way.

I don't want to be brushed, I's beatius just the way I's.
 This could be the scariest face I have seen in a very long time. Well besides the one where she is in the chicken suit.
You people are going to pay for this humiliation.......wait for it.
I swear this dog is possessed by a larger dogs attitude. If she were a big dog, I'd be scared of her at times. Thus the name "terror terrier". ohweeeeee she's a mess.

And these are the visitors to the backporch yesterday afternoon. I keep thinking I know something about turtles and their habits and then they come strolling across the porch in November. I had a talk with them and they explained I should mind my own business. Rude? Who knew?

The big one is Pigg and the smaller is Que. The fact is he is propositioning her for some something before the long winter's nap. wink ;)

This big ole thang has been seen out in the snow. And yet here he is 31 years later, still ever the lethario.
It has been warm enough that even the turtles that are in hole for hibernation poke their heads out during the sunshine hours. Ms. Que was probably already in her hibernation hole and then Mr. Pigg Man came along and chased her out. But I am hoping that they settle down soon and I don't have to walk the perimeter looking for the ones who can't get sleepy. I'm not kidding. Some turtles just are slow about getting into hibernation mode. We have had some over winter in a closet so they wouldn't freeze. Pigg was one of those when he was a turtlet. The babies don't get the concept and finding a freeze dried baby turtle in the spring is not my idea of a fun date so that's why I walk, poke and watch. Mother Nature tells me to leave it to her but I'm a nudge. Shhhhhh don't tell.


  1. little doggies are the most scary of them all huh? LOL! Look at those teeth! :-O
    I adore your turtles! such funny animals!
    xoxo Donna

  2. good for you. Can't let the babies freeze.

  3. She has awesome teeth. Would love to find out what she uses for whitening.
    You are an exceptional turtle mom.

  4. aw- you are such a nice turtle aunt. My friend adopted my baby turtle- her parents live in a nice backyard where the coldest it gets is 34 F

  5. Freeze dried turtles are bad. It's good that you look out for them!


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