Saturday, November 13, 2010

A day off for Sweet Man

When Joe has a whole day off, we do try to make it a day when he doesn't have to do honey do's. Although the list has become very long since he took the new job. And my new honey who does is Shelley, bless her heart. So at least one day a week Joe and I get outta town and do something together. Thursday's foray into the world of trains and children was a fun one.

We started off the morning doing some patriotic youtube looking and the kids had questions about what it was like to become a Marine and a million and one different things. We made it to the Veterans Ceremony in plenty of time to see the fly overs of both jet and then prop planes, saw the civil war and WWI uniformed folks, as well as uniformed troops stationed here at Kirtland AFB, the great WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans, and then the young vets of the Gulf War and Afganastan and Iraq, the color guard of the states and then the presentation of the colors.

All of the patriotic things associated with Veteran's day leaves me a blubbering idiot. Always cry for the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge. The kids stared at me at the appointed time knowing I was going to cry and gave me the look like I was from another planet. That's okay, they know by now, it is a true, dyed in the wool affliction and they just expect it. We would have stayed for more of the ceremony, but it was pretty obvious that we were on an uphill climb with staying for anything more than that so.....we split. Make our trek to Belen, trained, had lunch and then went for a drive on NM 47 towards Mountainair. Not exactly the most scenic route but we were on a quest. Wanted to see a part of the state we had yet to see.

The kids were great with stories, games, and the usual...."he's touching me stuff, she's looking at me junk". Saw some flora not much fauna. It was a gorgeous cloudless blue sky when we started off but by 3 pm the storm clouds began gathering and we headed back for Burque. We had been promised a snow storm in the higher elevations but we were disappointed. 

I have bored you with pictures of the northern part of NM so now I will show you some old timey buildings in Belen. Don't ya think I need to buy this one and fix it up and live upstairs and run a fabulous something downstairs? The train yard is only about 4 blocks away and the A&W is 5 blocks the other way. Belen is a cute little town which has also been so affected by the downturn in the economy. Did see some of Mr. Obama's ready to do projects in progress though.

What is behind the Green Door? There was a song when I was a kid about something behind a green door.

This is across the street from The Green Door Building
Belen is Spanish for Bethlehem..........all their Christmas decos for the town were already up. There is a pergola in the middle of town all decked out for Christmas with a huge round greenery decoration with a sparkling red bow at the top. You and I would call it a Christmas wreath, RyLeigh said, "hey Oma, did ya see the Christmas Moon"? Does that tell ya what he sees because of me? I aksed are you sure it's the moon. He says, yes Oma, it's the mother moon, see how round she is? love it. So poor little critter, forever more we will refer to round greenery encircled decorations as Christmas Moons in our family. Wanta get in on the ground floor of a new tradition????????????