Sunday, November 14, 2010

I need to clear something up here sports fans.

I love you all so very much for putting up with my insane stories of my grands. Very patient lot you are.

I need to tell you, I never had a grandmother, oh I did but heck one had already passed away years before I was thought of and the other had 50 something other grandkids by the time I can along. The only times I felt close to her was when I got to dance for her as her at my grandparents 50th anniversary shindig. Guess who I danced with???????? Yep, Sweet was destiny.

And the other time was when I was 10 and she spent the one and only night she ever was overnite at our house. I was supposed to sleep next to her but she snored so bad, I went and slept on the floor of my brother's room. She didn't speak english and I didn't say too many words in spanish so there ya go. I didn't know her. She died when I was 13. I had no role models for grandmothering. I have just made it up as I have gone along the road.

I never want you to think I am bragging about my relationship with my grands. I never want you to think I am doing anything except sharing my joy at their "inherited insanity" with you.

And as some of you have blessed me with comments about wishing I was your too. I wish I would have had a strange old bat who loves to laugh and holler and enjoy life. But there is a dark side to this as well.

RyLeigh calls me the wickediest wicked witch in the world because I am also a task don't think the coin only has one's schizophrenic too just like me. The kids have learned that I am as high as I am low and I don't mean anything by it but there are also down sides to being my grands.....they have to put up with me in all my variations on the theme.

So thank you for your comments but just know, it ain't all roses and sunshine but also you are required to bow to the queen (that is what Ry called me yesterday) and be prepared to run like hell when I start the tirade. Of course having selective hearing is working out pretty well for the rat heads.

Gerea says: "don't waste time bowing to the wickediest witch, she is a nice one but do run like hell....................feets don't fail me now". 

You see, insanity does run down hill.


  1. LOL I like to think that I will be just like that as a Grand one day! How boring would it be to always be sweetness and light?!?

  2. Ha! Good to know. People who are happy and shiny all the time scare me anyway ;)

  3. You aren't schizo - you are just having to raise them along side S. since they are living with you. It isn't all fun and games like if they only came to visit - where you could spoil them and then send them home. Their home is also yours.

    There is a difference.

    And you are still the best Oma I ever met.

    Now make GK stop staying hell. heehee

  4. The one grandmother that I knew died when I was 18 but she was older, my mother being a child of the change. My other grandmother lived across the state and I probably only saw her three or four times and she died when I was 13. My own mother had no interest in being a grandmother or in children in general so I didn't have much in the way of role models either. I just determined to spend as much time as I could with them and shower them with love. Pretty much what you are doing. It's tougher when they live with you. Mine lived next door up til we moved out here. even that little distance (next door) is a blessing sometimes.

  5. It's quite easy being a terrific, wonderful grandma when you are only around for brief visits. It would be so much harder when you are the main care giver instead of the I'm-here-to-spoil-my-grandkids Oma. I think you are doing an amazing balancing act and am in awe of what you do.

  6. You are doing a smashing job. Here I thought you had an amazing role model. Your improvisation of a cool gran is right on.
    I'm a firm believer that a little vinegar makes the honey all the sweeter.
    Keep em guessing.

  7. Linda, you are still my role model for being a grandma, you can not always be on the fun up side and that in itself is a good lesson for the kiddo's. I think you are doing a great job, I know I love my grands, but could not live with them.

  8. Offcourse you supposed to be nice when the grands are the nicest,but if they are a pian in th bud sometimes,you hAve to be a mad granny! hehehe!
    My dad was the youngest of all and also my mom,so my grandparents were very old when i was a little kid. I can't remeber much of them :-(
    My parents divorced when i was 13. My dad isn't the nicest on earth.
    So, i KNOW you are the BEST Granny on earth!
    Because i think so!


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