Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Return to Celebrate Oz will be July 19


July 19, 2012

Sign up begins on Friday

Last March these were the wonderful folks who came together and shared their love of all things Oz:
Pagan Culture
Magaly Guerrero
Green Witch with Sprinkles
Crocheting in Georgia
The Auld Grey Mare
Martha and Jane
So Dark So Cute
The Littlest Thistle
Sunshine Shelle
Wiccan Writes
Beansie Babbles
My Enchanted Home
My Busy Craft Life
Bolo Head
Quilts Sew Shabby
Limelight Art Works
Always Artistic
Magic Love Crow
My Garden Rocks
Pink Glitter Fae
My Journey In Bits and Pieces
Magician of Oz
Adventures in Oz

You have 50 days and the choice of any genre you'd like to share. Photos, painting, sketching, play acting, staging, writing, poetry, crafting of any sort, sharing a collection of Oz items, your favorite character, the books, the plays, the movies..................whatever your heart desires. Come join us as we Return to Celebrate Oz.

I hope you will pass this info on to others....I'll have a new badge for you to use on Friday when you sign up.


  1. I'm in times two. I'll write a story for Magaly Guerrero and will share Oz inspired book reviews and graphic novels and stuff at Pagan Culture.

    Yay! So happy ;-)

  2. Woo-Hoo! Count me in my Oz loving sister in arms.

  3. Sounds like fun...if I'm breathing, I'm in :D XXX

  4. I am in ;o))) I better start painting!!!!


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