Monday, June 25, 2012

I set up all of last year's stories on the Celebrate Oz 2011 page

The stories take you from 4 little witch children, who are call thewi. Their mothers name is Zard. And grow up to be the 4 witches of Oz.
I just love "play on words" as a way of naming things in real life and also in my stories.

The story this year will begin with a very pregnant Dorothy having a visit with Elpheba, the not so wicked witch of Oz.  I hope you take the time to read the 4 short stories that will help you understand the 5th and final tale of the 4 little witchlets.

I have been working on my "stage" for the players, as well as the prizes for Celebrate Oz 2012. I will post pictures of those give away prizes next week.

I found a map of Oz while I was looking at photos for inspiration. Quite a few more lands than I know about. I must investigate further.

Just think less than 3 weeks until we get to share our Ozness.

Don't ever believe that the best way to travel in Oz is by pink'll see why.


  1. Looking forward to finding the best way to travel :o)

  2. I always wanted to travel by Magical Sawhorse!!! He was sprinkled with the Magical Powder of Life!!! When I was about 12, my Dad brought home a wood sawhorse and I took it and made it into the "Sawhorse of Oz"!!! I would ride on him every night!!

  3. Oz is bigger than I remember it. I can't wait for the 5th and final tale and of course I'll be rereading the fist 4 short stories to refresh my memory. This should be fun!

  4. Can hardly wait for your sneak peeks of what you have planned!

  5. Everything is looking amazing! Can't wait! So much fun! I still have things to create! Hugs ;o)

  6. A Dorothy with a bun in the oven, yay! Can't wait. I'm truly excited, Oma Linda. I just printed the five stories from last year and will reread them, on the train, on my way to school!

  7. I will be re-reading your stories from last year just as a refresher and also because I enjoyed them so very much. I am too excited about this year's party.;-)


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