Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wizard of Oz.........

Just in case, did I mention we're going to Oz again here on July 19th? I'm just making sure that you know because for some reason Blogger isn't letting me be included on the Google line up for some of my besties. So.........

Today for team Pink:

and for team Green:

All you have to do to join in the fun of
Return to CELEBRATE OZ on July 19

Sign up on the Simply Linky on the sidebar and your name will magickally appear as one of the participants.

Take the button on the sidebar with the sweet little witches and display it on your blog so we can have more lovelies to join us as we Celebrate all things Wizard of Ozzy:
No not this Ozzy
this OZ.


  1. Love your Ozzy picture! LOL! I might go Team Green this year. I was pink last year. Or maybe I will do both, who knows? LOL! Big Hugs Oma Linda ;o)

  2. Question!!!! You say July 19th, but on your button, does it not say July 29th??? Or am I going blind??? LOL!

  3. Yay! Look at the least grow!

    @Stacy, It says July 19, the number 1 is just a little chunky lol

  4. Oh, I love the new look! This is simply gorgeous.

    Your button is on my sidebar. Hahaha - that Ozzy cracks me up. He's so freaky. Hugging you, Miss Linda


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