Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update and big old fire..........

I'm in love with 2013. Already I have had more wonderfulness than I can hope for in the entire rest of the year. Of course I've also been pissed off a few times already too but hey, highs and lows people......and I'm throwing out the lows. Got no time or use for them or the drama any more.

First in case I missed saying it to you personally, Happy New Year. Also I hope you are at least aware of Twelfth Night  and maybe observed it. You know the 12 days of Christmas song? Well that's the one. 12 days after Christmas or Epiphany as it is called in the church begins the carnival season. Which then ends on February 12 with Fasching in Germany, Carnivale in Rio, Mardi Gras in so many wild and crazy places. So the Cuckoos took our (dried out) live wreath with all the wonderfulness of the gathered pinon, cedar, juniper, ponderosa and white pine branches and put it into our fire pit and had a Twelfth Night celebration with drinking, dancing and merriment. The fire was so huge, so quickly. Gave us a chance to discuss the wildfires we have here and think about the folks in Australian that are having such horrible wildfires right now. Our thoughts are certainly with them. Fire is an awesome mighty force of nature.And then after our revelry in the cold we can inside and Ry read us all about Twelfth Night celebration in olden times. Of course our drink was sparkling cider, molasses cookies and then GK and Ry fixed us dinner (ramein). The reason I mention this part is because Twelfth night also was turn about time for lord and servant. Since the grands rule the house they waited on us for once. Great fun.

Yesterday was the last day of winter vacay for the grands and Shelley's day off so we went junkin' ya'll. I'm here to tell you that we struck pay dirt. I love it when others are purging and I get there cast offs or as my friend Katy Cameron at The Littlest Thistle says "at least I was never going to be enthusiastic about" treasures. I am sewing again and I found so many 100% wool sweaters and coats at cheap, cheap, cheap prices to felt and make into.....donkeys. I am going to be a seller of donkeys and hats, mitten, scarfs, purses etc. And yesterday I hit the mother lode. GK helped me rip, bag and wash the red ones right away.....valentines ya know. And I found a wonderful, perfect Bernard, Patrick, GracieBelle and George colored long winter coat. It washed up and looks like I had the herd in my washing machine. I can hardly wait to make little donkeys and valentine hearts. I have a new mania.....wooooooooool.
Anyway back to yesterday, Ry and I let the girls clothes shop and he was my buddy wandering the aisle scoping out the prime kid junk. He found a bag of (20 at least) dinosaurs, score. Then we came to a pair of baby shoes with Xavier Roberts on them, attached to an original cabbage patch doll. Not the funky plastic goobies but a real cloth, signed by the maker himself on the butt cheeks, Cabbage patch from the 80's. I bought Shelley her first one way back when and this one is of the same vintage. His name is Barton Doyle, he is Ry's new buddy and he was $4.99. I paid $150 for Judith June back when the silly things first came out.
Now I know you're all scratching your heads saying Oma, have ya lost your mind buying Ry a doll? And my answer to you all is nope. He was so excited because (I warn you it's gonna make you cry) he wants a son so that he can treat him with love and protect him and never let anyone hurt him. He wants to show BD that he is a good boy and will always be his best buddy. Now tell me you would have said no and put the doll back. Ry carried on a conversation with BD all the rest of the afternoon. GK spied on him and came in and said that Ry was looking in the dolls eyes, pausing and as though listening to what BD had to say. Then she said, the doll's not really talking to Ry is he? I explained at this point in time he just might be. Ry still has so many issues to work out about his fathers and grandfathers ugliness towards him and this doll may be the catharsis that he needs to be able to get past it. I'm anxious for Ry's therapist Dr. Dan to meet Barton Doyle. Shelley went and bought BD a change of clothes and some PJ's. Ry had BD play with his new dinosaurs with him. And when he left this morning for school gave me very specific instructions as to what BD would like for me to do with him today. So I am great grandchild sitting today as we speak.

SM had to work late last night and so the four of us spent the evening sans TV, just enjoying being with each other and talking. The girls were working on scarfs from the Red Heart Sashay yarn. It really isn't crocheting or knitting but looked like fun. I worked on some hand sewing details and Ry reinvented dinosaur battles.

Calm, peace, warmth, laughter, love shared and memories building going on here.
these are the photos of the kids gifts to Shelley for Christmas
RyLeigh sewed the hat and GK made the denim cuff.
And did ya noticed that Blogger gave me a back door to posting pictures? Yep I have to go into HTML and post them there and then I can come back to Compost mode.....just in case you too are having trouble with photos.


  1. there is nothing wrong with boys having dolls. they grow up to be fathers and should get some practice in just like little girls.

  2. I agree with ellen abbott. Lots of treasured were scored but am thinking BD was the prize. Hope you and great grand had a good day.

  3. Perfectly found treasures, but I'm glad BD got a change of clothes, because boys do get stinky, and he'll need clean things for after he's rolled around in the mud and stuff! I do hope you entertained him suitably today...

    Yay on hitting the woolly motherlode, happy creating :o)

  4. This world would be a better place if more little boys played with dolls and learned when young how to empathize with and relate to caring and nurturing them. Action figures are not the same!

  5. Good for Ry! Eli wants a boy doll (boy Lalaloopsy & a Monster High one) so that he can play with his sisters. But he has no interest in girl dolls ;) Quite a thrifting haul, as well.

  6. I am very glad to welcome BD with open arms and an open heart. May he become the agent that completes this healing.

  7. You got me all excited for Valentines Day ;o) I can't wait to see all your creations ;o) I love Ry's doll! Oma Linda, you are going to be a fantastic Great Grandma ;o) Your fire sounded amazing and I love Shelley's Christmas gifts ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  8. ~so much goodness in this post!!! donkey's huh...i guess i have missed much time...love it and can't wait to them!!

    friends are friends no matter how they present themselves or how they come to be...all different shapes and sizes, colors and more...speaking and non speaking...i think it is truly a gift...a blessing they met...

    when i was in the hospital, my mom bought me the sweetest of sweet teddy bear...white shabby super soft...it had been many years that i had been gifted a little friend...well long story short when i came home...the bear was no longer mine...one wee little fell head over heels {mind you a boy as well} to this day two years have passed and our wee little stills carries him through out the day...and yes i do believe they can hear them speak!

    thank you for sharing such a touching post...sleep well this night~

  9. I think it's wonderful that Ry found Barton Doyle. Who says boys can't have dolls? I used to make cabbage patch type dolls back when they were popular and still have a few clothing patterns.
    I can't wait to see the felted donkeys. :0)

  10. I think the doll thing is just great!!! Met a lady the other day who had bought her granddaughter a doll because the poor thing was so hooked on computer gadgets that she had never played with one....wonder how that turned out! (O:



  11. Wait...did you say you are going to sell felted donkeys?! (insert huge smile here) OMG, I'm so excited to see your creations!!! You know I will need one (or a herd) for my collection! Great post, love reading about your daily adventures. xx

  12. I think that all boys need a special doll...the world would be a better place. And you have hit the mother lode with your finds!!! @013 is great all around! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Alex had many special dolls when he was little and now he is one of the most loving and patient persons I know with children. I know it's because he had a doll that he loved. I'm glad that Ry has a new special friend.

  14. Oh Miss Linda, I am so happy that 2013 is bringing you such wonderfulness! Your twelfth night celebration was as always, a beautiful walk into time. I chuckled out loud at, "Since the grands rule the house they waited on us for once." I can totally relate. I wonder how I can get my cats and dogs to serve Dan and I?

    OMG! The bargains you got are amazing. I LOVE the fact that Ry found Bernard and love even more that you had no gender bias in allowing him his hearts desire. What a gift you have given him, for it is a beautiful thing that he can nurture that part of himself that Bernard represents. Very healthy and very loving. (His dad and granddad should be absolutely ashamed of themselves!)

    Oh, those grands did a FABULOUS job on their mother's gifts. RY sews better than I ever hoped to, and GK has a brilliantly creative mind. I wonder where they get those lovely traits? ;-)

    All my love to you, sweet Linda, Mina

  15. Everyone needs a friend and if one's friend is a doll then so be it. What a sweet kid. Will you be selling your donkeys in your etsy shop? Sheesh, I haven't been on etsy in months.


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