Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have ya ever been stuck?????

I had photos for this post but Blogger has lost it's mind and even though I paid for the privilege of having upload to be had. Kinda scares me now with Celebrate Oz - AlTErEd oZ sign up due in 9 days. Come on blogger..................

I was reminded this yesterday of something that happened to me when I was in college. I thought of it after reading Debra's post on She Who Seeks on the Edmonton Street Car that runs across a very high bridge. I gather that in a high wind you can feel the street car move......yikes.

As I look up at the Sandias today all covered with snow I remember, it was about this time of year, when the sorority to which I belonged had their winter ball formal. We were to all go up the mountain on the tram and have dinner at the restaurant on the top at Sandia Peak. So imagine if you will, 42 girls and their dates all dressed up for a formal evening being transported up the side of the Sandia Mountains in the 3rd longest tramway in the world, 15 people at a time.

My pledge sister named Linda also and her boyfriend were running a little late and so we were to ride the last tram up to dinner. As we waited for the others to get up there and late Linda to arrive, it began to snow. It was so beautiful and serene. You know how snow always muffles the sounds around you. Just beautiful.

Linda arrived just as the last tram was ready to transport us. We all huddled in the car because it was about 25 degrees outside. The windows of the tram were iced over and you couldn't see much except the glow of the city lights. During optimum weather you can see at least 35 miles in any direction except east, the mountains in the way there. You can also see that you ascend 6000 feet to the top. But the frost kept us in a little cozy world of our own with nothing but the sound of the tram works and then thunk. No sounds at all except the wind and some uh ohs coming from the crew. Then the walkie talkie came alive with all kinds of chattering.

Something about the icing of the lines and one of our crew was going to have to crawl out and up to clear the lines of the ice. So we were told to stay still, not move about and cause the gondola to swing and be calm. Of course that's when some of the girlie girls started crying and squealing. Nothing like a good dose of diva when things go wrong. I had no compassion for idiots and so became drill sergeant Linda....I mean come on, they hadn't voted me Rush Chairman for nothing....I am bossy.

We all were told to huddle in the middle of the car for the weight distribution and also to keep warm. Now remember, we are dressed in frufru dresses with crinolines and getting close was a joke. We also had heels on not snow boots and so to say the least we were all cold. One of the escorts had packed his own flask....well several had and began to pass them around. A terrible idea in retrospect, it only made us colder but it did ease the tension of the hysterical ones who after a few belts were laughing and making the best of a scary situation. I so wished I had been stuck with my hippy friends instead....then it would have been more mellow but living a life as a double agent in the 60's hippy sorority chick is a conundrum, and was interesting. You see we had a "morals chairman" in the sorority who later went on to be a nun, honest I wouldn't make this crap up, on this ride as well. We could get away with passing a bottle but not a joint. Oh and we wonder where our lives when wrong. Duality everywhere duality also known as hypocracy but hey that's another story.

We were stuck on the iced cabled tram for an hour and fifteen minutes. Arrived at the top in time to find they had closed the kitchen and bussed the rest of the group down. We loaded our cold, tired, tipsy selves into the bus for the scary ride down the mountain. By the time we got to the parking lot where our cars were it was 2 in the morning. There was no winter ball for about 1/3 of the group that year. And it took me 10 years to have any desire to ride the tram again.

So have you ever been stuck somewhere interesting, scary or completely inconvenient???????


  1. Love the post but would have been knee deep in spew had I been there, can't stand heights, even the fear of riding the kiddy ferris wheel has me white knuckled! OK 'stuck somewhere' indeed, a few years ago we took our babes campervaning around South Island of Nes Zealand, breathtakingly beautiful, BUT as part of our trip we Parent Aussies from the Sunshine Coast decided that our babes must snow-ski (actually they choose to snowboard & I skied)... anyway the opportunity for them to A. actually see/touch/play in snow & B. hire the tackiest snow clothes & equipment to hit the slopes for a big adventure was just too good to be true... well it ends up a long story but we were left on the mountain, the replacement bus driver thought thought he had everyone on board & we saw him drive off as we were still queued to hand back our snowboots... on the other side of the glass door... this Cordrona Mountain was not a fancy resort ski village it was a snow covered mountaintop which closed up COMPLETELY at 5pm... and there were no buses to catch, all the workers carpooled so squeezing 4 more in to travel a few miles down the hair-pinned tiny road with sheer drops to the side was not an option, walking as darkness set in was not on the cards either (remember we hired our snow clothes), so we sat, no taxis would come up the mountain & the buses did not go after dark in dangerous conditions... well... we borrowed a phone and after much too-ing & fro-ing (and 3 hours later) a very p@ssed off Asian student arrived complements of the bus company that had insisted 'never NEVER leave anyone on the mountain'... the trip down the mountain had me saying my Hail Mary's, a peeved speeding student in a smashed up car held together with sticky tape had the taste of vomit in my throat, the babes thought it was like a theme park ride, Woooo! they keep shouting as we skidded & slid... but as the Big F (hubby) looked across at me, I knew he was worried too, we reached for each others hands & hoped for the best!

  2. PS Morals Chairman... became a nun LOL!!! That's a beauty :)

  3. That tram story is enough to give me the willies! And none of you were properly dressed for the winter conditions either, which is scary all on its own. I never joined a sorority but a friend did and they were big on "morality enforcement" too. Of course, everyone was actually a total hypocrite, but such is life!

  4. ~no such luck...only a carnival ride that lasted being stuck up at the top for about five minutes! there is no real story to yours on the other hand...sounds like one heck of a moment...and i can see why you have not seeked out any trams there after...glad you made it down the mountain~

  5. I took that tram ride up to the Sandia Mts. and it was gorgeous, but it was also in the late Spring, so there's nothing to write about other than it was beautiful, as you said.

    We have one here in El Paso, the Wyler Tramway in the Franklins. The only time I ever went was in the early Spring of '69. Was in high school and the 3 of us decided to head that direction since none of us had ever gone up the Franklins that way, we usually hiked up. Anyway, keep in mind, it's early Spring in the desert...what kind of weather do we normally have if it's not gorgeous, we have those lovely dust storms...winds up to 80mph up that friggin' mountain. Needless to say,we were the last group and I will admit, we were stoned, so we didn't give a flip...we giggled the whole way up and down. So from now on, if I ever take another tram at my age, I will have a doobie before entering that little gondola!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Loves ya,

  6. Nothing quite as exciting but I did get stuck in an airport in Spain for two days with two little kids four and a six years of age and no way to get to our luggage and accidents do happen with kids that age. I got a lot of looks of disapproval for the way my kids were behaving or should I say misbehaving? Trying to keep two hyper-active kids entertained in an airport for that long was one of the most difficult things I've ever attempted. Now that I've thought about it I think I'd prefer getting stuck on a tram. ;0)

  7. Nowhere so exciting for me alas! Just a small, smelly orange lift when I was at high school in Canada. I was on crutches because I'd torn the ligaments and tendons in my knee, and as such qualified for the key to the lift to get up and down the 3 floors the main part of the school was built over. It was the start of 3rd period lunch, so I was giving 2 friends a lift to the cafeteria on the 2nd floor, plus letting another 3 friends off on the 3rd floor for classes. I stuck the key in, pressed the buttons, removed the key again and off we went. And off. And off. And... wait a minute, WTH, did we stop? It didn't feel like it, but then it didn't feel like we were moving either! The doors didn't open, and sticking the key back in wasn't moving it anywhere either.

    I voted to shout for help, but one friend was adamant we shouldn't, just in case someone heard us... Ah yes, high school, where the embarrassment factor outweighs your desire to escape a distinctly claustrophobic situation! Eventually, after about 10 minutes, we persuaded her that we should shout, except, of course, by that point everyone had vanished off to classes or lunch and weren't wandering past lift shafts!

    Finally, about 20 minutes after we were stuck in there, someone did hear us and we were rescued about 10 minutes later, a whole 6" or 7" off the ground floor. We trooped out, past the janitor, headmaster and a number of other teachers, rather red of face, and 2 of us rather wheezy, so the said 2 of us got to take a trip up to the hospital for a nebuliser (one of the friends that was stuck with us was so anxious to keep missing classes, she selflessly volunteered to take us up there ;o) )

    Oh well, all things considered, it barely made the jungle drums, so wasn't as mortifying as it could be after all...

  8. I think I would have gotten sick to my stomach...yes this is scary enough for me. Take care, Mary HELEN Fernandez Stewart

  9. Double agent! You are too cute! Just to let you know, I have heard of other people having problems with blogger. Maybe change servers?? It has helped for other people. Now about getting stuck, I don't know why, but when mom and I travel together, we always get stuck in elevators!! Twice in England!! I am always the drill sergeant! Mom has panic attacks! Not fun!! Big Hugs and I hope the situation with blogger gets fixed for you soon ;o)

  10. My stuck story isn't pretty, so I will keep it to myself and rejoice in yours. What a blast. I can see you all shivering and passing the boost. I bet there was some serious giggling going around.

    Don't mind Blogger too much. I bet it will get its act straight in just a bit ;-)

    You should show us some pictures of your frufru days!


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