Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Didn't mean to be away this long...........

Once again the grands have been tremendously generous with the sharing of whatever is going around at school. And Sweet Man has seen fit to bring a different variety of germies on his days off. We are a household of hacking and wheezing.

I've not had energy to do much of anything except a whole lot of nothing. I can't even read, which normally would be my "get better" activity, because my eyes are watering and I haven't been able to focus for long. So I've been sedentary which is the curse of my fibro.....blah, blah, blah.

I been sick (said with a whole lot of whining).

But I am on the mend today. Haven't slept much but today I got up and the fog has lifted in my head. I'm not even party cloudy.

So there have not been any advances on the Shadow of Oz front.....well physically. In my mind I've gone on lots of mini vacays to the Emerald City, the countryside and even to the sight of "The Accident" involving a certain wickedy sister and a far flung house. So today, while I can still remember the brilliance of my thoughts, as if, I am writing all of my ideas down so that I can play at Celebrate Oz.

Have you thought what you might do for the celebration? Or if you aren't going to participate, is there something you've always wanted to know, or see in Oz? I hope that if you are tettering on the fence that you will jump into the fun and join us to Celebrate Oz, Shadow of Oz.

Today I am planning to work on some hand pieced fabric Valentoonies. While we were putting away the holiday decorations, I convinced Shelley to bring in my stash bins of cotton fabrics. Poor girl just about herniated herself with the weight of the bins. YIKES, I hadn't remembered what a hoarder I am with fabric. 1/4 yard bits of this and that. Some of the fabric is from my Mom's stash. So I am incorporating vintage bits with newer fabric that I couldn't live without and making some Valentine gifties. I best hurry, I only have a week until they need to be in the mail. I suppose I should really go through all that fabric and sort it out but NAH. I've done the January purge in every closet, drawer, cupboard in the house already. I'm just going to have to suffer through having a delightful collection of fabrications. And that's the name of that tune.

We're expecting, according to the weatherman, the biggest snow storm of the season tonight. So, Sweet Man and I dropped off the grands at school, went to get groceries and more kleenex (much needed) and got ourselves home to enjoy a day with our favorite coffee, some tuna melt sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch and catching up on some TV programs that we have been too tired to stay up to watch. I hope you are warm, healthy and pleasantly entertained.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Your video reminds me that when I read the book, I was surprised to learn the slippers were silver in color. They were changed to ruby slippers for the 1939 movie to take advantage of new Technicolor. I bet you knew this.

  2. Aww, I am so sorry you have been so sick. Who took care of whom? Please take care and quit hugging those germy kids. They will understand. This junk is really going around and staying forever. Be well very soon.

  3. I'm glad you are better.

    One can never have too much fabric.

    I love your movie. Reminds me of my favorite piece I have. One of these days I am going to buy or make the sign that says, "Haven't been the same since that house fell on my sister"

  4. Stop passing those nasty germs back and forth.
    I know yours is a very loving household, but it is OK not to share everything!
    Wishing you recovery soon.
    Here in WI we are having cold weather tempered with thaws.
    Less than typical snow.
    Plenty of time to dream about April and OZ.
    I have some new (to me) Oz collectibles to share.
    I did not get the cute Hallmark OZ stuffies from Santa tho.

  5. Snow? for you!!! oh my! get the warm socks out! Like you , my fabric bin is running over....with neglect!
    Yes I have been thinking deeper than normal, for all the up coming events! Such a nice diversion from reality, don't you think?
    Hot apple cider ( wink, wink, ) and get well SOON! xDebi

  6. Glad your feeling better :D ...and yes I does know what I am doing for the party *mwahahahaha....*. As for the fabric....BIG patchwork blankets to snuggle everyone up in sounds like a good idea to me :D XXX

  7. Happy to see you flying around here, dearest Oma.

    I've already outlined the story I'm telling. I will write it the day before is due, as I always do with stories for blog parties. I need to work on my wee giveaway. I want to make something with my hands. But I'm not sure what yet...

    Love. ♥

  8. We have been ailing here too with lots of nose blowing, sneezing coughing and general misery. Hope you get mended soon!


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