Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sharin' lunch..............

Sweet Man has changed jobs. As a matter of fact, he has changed industries. Cool huh?

Thank goodness, on the one hand, it means, he has been able to leave a very disappointing situation behind. The other hand holds new hours, new schedules and a new life for us. I know I have shared with you that when we married, back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, he made a lot of sacrifices for me, including taking a leave of absence from the job he had in order to move us back to ABQ from San Francisco. He got a job in the same industry in Santa Fe and made the 60 mile one way trek every day. A year later, he went back to work for the original company and we moved to Denver, where he also trekked 35 miles to work one way every day. And through it all, he never complained at all. Hes' a goodie, that man of mine.

Now me, on the other hand, I am the original bitch and moan artist in our family. These new hours, including but not limited to 1pm to midnight and working 9 days in a row and having his weekend in the middle of the week.....well that I can take. What I have a hard time with is lunch time. And this is funny because, I used to gripe and say...I had taken him for better or worse but not lunch hour.

My snarky ways come back to bite me in my behind more times than I can tell you. But I truly do miss not sharing lunch with my man. I suppose I will get used to it and even learn to embrace the time after the kids are back in school. But right now, not so much. Of course maybe it's a good thing too. I don't feel like eating when it is just the kids and me...maybe it's my new "not a diet but eating less regime". One can only hope.


  1. Good luck and embrace the change.

  2. I love the top picture... adorable...

  3. Change is good. Isn't that what they always say? It's the whole routine thing that gets screwed up though. Having to develop a new routine.

  4. Yepper, you've got a real winner there, my friend!! We both lucked out on the second marriage stuff. I couldn't help but laugh about the "for better or worse, but not for luch!" since my honey comes home most afternoons for lunch, then plays solitaire back here for some time before he's off to another appointment. However, I hold my vows to the word, I don't make lunch for him...he does a solo on that one, so who's the big bitch here??? LOL

    We need another be-atch session although, everything is fine here, but we always something to bitch about!!

    Love ya and the goats say hi.

  5. I would love to have Pooldad home for lunch, but then I wouldn't want him to go back to work, so then again..... heehee.

    Good luck to SM on his new job. Sounds very exciting.

    Love ya!

  6. It is funny what we miss, hope SM likes his new job...and enjoy your time when your together. hugs to you.

  7. First of all, words can't express how sweet you are! thanks for your sweeter comment on my humble blog :-) You sure made my day!
    I know what you mean by not eating together. My friend comes home between 11 and 12 midnight and i don't like to eat alone, so i wait for him.
    Because of that i am 10 kilo's heavier than one year ago! OMG! I can't fit in my summerclothes and had to buy new stuff!
    hmmm.... i guess i have to eat at normal times huh?

  8. Hi Lindy Lou...remember moi?
    So now I know what you and your sweet darlins' have been up to...
    Are you starting to feel lonely my lovely one?
    I could hop on a broom and come for din-dins if you really need some grub comany...I would do it for you!
    Although my broom's a little soggy from the storms...for my Linda...I would be "Lady what Luched"
    So...is your sweet man enjoying the new job?
    I've got the Troll here at the moment and he's driving me to distraction...want to swap?

    By the way...I loved your comments on The Secret Garden...you always know the right words my pretty!


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