Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a giveaway by a bloggie pal extraordinaire............Big G

My oldest (actually I am much older and prettier than she, not on the later but the former) and funniest bloggie pal is having a giveaway. She will draw the winners on the 10th, so you still have a chance to read her insanity, comment and get a chance to win her prizes.

They are some of my fav things on the planet....skelleys. Maybe that's why Georgina of La Llorna (who is the wailing woman who drowned her children and then cried and still does on a spookie ookie nights in the ditches and arroyos of the southwest) Arts are friends, besides the fact she is insane as well.  Wow, talk about a run on sentence.....hey, go run on to the giveaway.

You heard me scram....oh wait, you're not the grands. Please go to see her, that's more like it.


  1. Like you would so tell the grands to "Scram" heehee.

    Have a great weekend. I am still salivating over the 4th of July decorations you have. And attempting to be as creative [ha!]

    Love ya!

  2. ok..ok! I'm gonna have a look at this insane womans blog ;-)


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