Thursday, August 26, 2010

And then we'll talk about me...

Update on the stupidity of adults and how they all congregate at our public schools.

Got a call back from the head of special education for this district. Nice sounding woman. Is a party line kinda gal. Gave us what she thought our options might be. Said she would talk to the principal at Ry's current school and get back with us.

This information came from the same teacher, principal, sp ed director of his school who said they couldn't bear the thought that Ry would not be with them this year. "Since there is no option for the two boys not to be in the same classroom, Ry will need to transfer to another school". Just like that.

So without an IEP (Individual education plan), which heretofor we had been told had to be done before he could move to a different school, we will enroll him back again in the school that couldn't take care of his needs last year. According to this Sp. Ed muckety muck, the "home" school has to provide an education for all students in their area. Therefore, they must meet his needs now that he is a primary student, not a kindergarten student. Uh huh. And where will they get the needed speech therapist and occupational therapist he needs? asks the grandmother from hell. Oh, they will have to requisition them from her. Uh huh, and when will we be able to take him out of his current unsafe environment and into the "home" school? asked the grandmother from hell. Oh it shouldn't take you but just a few days to get that settled. Uh huh. And will he have to go to school during this time? asked the grandmother from hell. Well yes, unless he has a doctors excuse. Uh huh. And the blaring from radio station WTF is killing my brain.

Lovelies, you have to understand something very basic.....I thought I was getting my life back when school started. Don't misunderstand me, I love my grands but they are my grands not my kids. I am an old broad with things to do before the reaper comes and gather what I have sewn.....which ain't much lately. I have learned patience, tolerance, understanding and to zip my lip this last year when it comes to the kids and my lack of artist outlet and not bitching every waking hour like in Toby Keith's song I Wanna Talk About Me, (which btw in case you didn't know was written by the gorgeous Blake Shelton who will be performing at my zoo on Friday night).

This blogging has been my saving grace to be able to at least voice some of my frustration. Judas Priest ya'll, this little boy deserves an education free of fear of getting the crap knocked out of him by a little boy who has his own dilemnas.

AND THEN THE SUN CAME OUT.... sound of trumpets and flights of doves released overhead

This muckety actually did what she said she would do and did it in a timely manner. Thank goodness, and I sincerely mean that, for people who still know how to do what they say they will do. I am floored and thrilled and unbelievable humbled.

Ry will be going to school come Monday morning with his sister. They will ride the same bus, he will be in a regular classroom and be called out for his special needs. Ry will be able to have relationships with real kids, in a real classroom and fight the good fight of being a kid in the 21st century. says the grandmother from hell. tee hee

And hopefully, someone has changed the radio station.................


  1. I'm glad it worked out for Ry, and he will be getting his special needs taken care of. Every kid deserves the best chance possible and being afraid of a bully is no way to start out the school year. I'm happy he will be in a safe place.

  2. Whew, definitely hope they've changed station for him!

  3. My radio station just tuned into WHOPE - 'cause nwo there is some. Good lord woman - this is a trial, but thankfully he will be away from that nasty little bugger and onto bigger and better things and hopefully Miss Initials will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Know I love and support you and a few little happy tears fell tonight. :) Call me if you need me.

  4. I just went back and read the previous post, as I had somehow missed it and despite reading this one first still had a knot of angry rage in my belly by the end of it.

    Then I came back and re-read this one and the 'asked the grandmother from hell' bit made me chuckle every time. I'm glad to know there are still people in this world who do what they say, especially in our school systems.

    Here's the issue being sorted and you having time to work on your own things. :)

    P.S - I'm glad you enjoyed the tortoise photos! Funny thing was after I had taken them, I was like 'I have to get these on the blog or email them to Linda! She'd love them!' ;)

  5. are fun, eh? Everything gets so (blank) complicated...can't anything be simple???

    The box is great...I'll have to see where I send it next...unfortunately I'm still trying to find some time to take the pictures and get it re-wrapped to send...soon...

  6. Oh my darlin'....I hear ya!! I truly think NM has a much better system than here in TX, well, at least El Piso. Hell, even Las Cruces has a better system for these kids, so consider Ry very lucky.

    You need some time off, lady...really, you do. Why don't you come to my house and we'll play!!! I'm a mere 4 hours away, well, ok, 5, if you stay within the speed limits, but the NM po-lice won't come after you as readily as they love coming after us Texans!! LOL

    Thinking of you, my lovely Linda, and yes, we need to talk about all these issues and any fish heads that are a-risin'.

    Love ya and the goats sending you mucho besos,

  7. Congrats GFH on winning for that sweet boy. I wonder why the school didn't require bully boy to move. Surely without Ry to torment, he will find another kid to work over.

  8. ~oh dear grandmother from hell...what a blessing you are...your time will come before the reaper arrives! such a blessing you are to be there and support your daughter and grands...i am sorry ry has had to experience such but thankful the kind woman acted upon her words she spoke and did something...i wish for him only a peaceful year where he can enjoy his surrounding and embrace learning and play! adn for you time to yourself to divulge in all you want to do...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  9. Grandma from hell?!? whahahohohehehe! You allways make me laugh Linda! Even if this post isnt ment to laugh about.
    When i was little i was bullied all the time cause i was very shy. Even these days i still am sometimes. I hated school for all these years! The fact is that i have the lowest aducation in my pocket :-( but i don't care a bit :-)

  10. YAY for Grandma!!
    YAY for Ry!!
    I am sending ((hugs)) to both of you!
    ♥ audrey

  11. Ry's so lucky to have you on his team. I'm dreading sending my kiddo's back to school this week. I loathe the lack of education that goes on.
    On a happy note. I'm tickled pixie pink to inform you that the fairies picked you to receive my Cottage Kitchen Fairy door from the Second Star to the Right Adventure. Thank you so much for participating.


  12. Oh honk, I forgot.

    Please email me your address... fawn at ashbys dot net.

    That way I can get your door off fairy fast.


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