Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school

Sorry, this post is a week late. The kids started school here last Wednesday. Isn't it funny how the first day is such a big deal. I mean there they are "all in their places, with bright shiny faces" and then the crap begins.

Yesterday was Stop Bullying day. They should have had that last Tuesday instead.

I blogged about GK and her mean girl thing and that is in fact a type of bullying, you know the lies, the manipulation and the tears and anxt of it all. I'm sure that will come to a head several times in the school year and we will have the accompanying pouts and self doubt and all the uglies that go with it, darn it. The nature of the human beast.

And then there is little man's dilemna. Since he is in a DD level, special education class, there is a mix of children with their own individualized problems. Last year a little boy, a year older than Ry, took a disliking to Ry and several times attacked him physically. The problem was always taken into consideration by the teacher and staff and we were told that they would not be allowed to play together but that all would be well. Uh huh. And yet it happened again, escalating in severity. Troublesome, worrisome and irksome. Those are only the nice words to explain how I felt about the problem.

Pre registration, we were told that the "other" child was not doing well physically and probably would not be in school very much and that everyone was ready for whatever might happen but that they did not expect there to be a problem because they were all on board. Yep the idiot train.

1st day of school, 1st recess.....other child did not want Ry making a noise and so he kicked him in the groin. Duty teacher thought it was Ry's fault because he made a face and made the noise. And now we will tune into radio station WTF.

So instead of just letting it go and being pin heads and believing their drivel, we filed a police report, school police report and when the teacher called on Friday to see how Ry was after surgery, I explained we were wary of his return if the adults we trust to keep him safe couldn't.

Ry is supposed to go back to school on Monday. Mom went to school yesterday for a confab with the principal, teacher (of only 5 little boys), head of special education for that school and the teacher's aide(who is in the classroom with the teacher for 5 little boys). It was their take that Ry had provoked the "other" child. Okay, let's say that's the case, I can believe he's had his fill after a year of that crap, so what are you going to do to keep both boys safe? They have it handled by telling the "boys" not to use their hands or feet to hurt. Okay, now the radio station is blaring................................

Mom asked what they intend to DO. His surgery requires that he not play on the playground or have PE let alone be bashed in the head, have his eyes gouged or slapped or sludged like last year. Ya think. Really??????? 

She also asked for an IEP so that if this (abuse, bullying, whatever you want to call it) occurs again Ry can attend a new school because this just isn't going to fly this year. The soonest is October. NO it isn't cuz, I called the head of special education for the ABQ Public Schools and now the gloves are off. Don't mess with a mean old woman. You lose.

Let ya know what happens.

BTW: during the conversation, Mom asks what education plan is that they have planned for Ry since he is reading. The principal with her bare face hanging out said "when did that happen?" Like what, it's a disease? Yeah, I taught him to read and add and subtract this summer......funny how that happens if you try to teach a kid something instead of warehousing them because you have labeled them as special idiots.


  1. School here in the city doesn't start until after Labor Day. Always waited for the Labor Day sales to get my boys ready. I like that better.

  2. Oh good lord Linda - I can't believe this - regardless of fault [and I am totally siding with Ry on this one as the victim] this is freaking ridiculous.

    This whole thing had my blood boiling but when I got to the part of "When did that happen?" my cane was in motion. Damn, how stupid are these people?

    I don't relish the fight you and Mom have on your hands, but if anyone can stick up and make things right for the lil' man it is definitely you. Just don't make yourself sick over it, okay [Skippy orders].

    Hugs and keep us updated.

  3. Oh good grief! I hope they can work things out for him. I almost had the reverse issue - 14 years of 'could do better if she tried' on my school reports - turned out I was dyslexic, they thought I was lazy and never bothered to check it out.

  4. Oh, Linda, my heart aches for Ry, you, and his Mom. I pray all turns out well in the end and I have you all in my thoughts.
    I know one thing - if I ever need friends in my corner, I'd sure want you there.
    I hope Ry is doing well since his surgery.
    ♥ audrey

  5. Linda I am sending extra good vibes to Ry. I know you will do everything in your power to make things the best they can be for him and I know they will listen to you. Audrey is right, I want you in my corner also.

  6. What a story! The school system better figure this stuff out before the kids come in the door. I hope Ry is doing better. I certainly understand being upset.....

  7. Good grief, when does the victim become the instigator? Like he is out there challanging guys to pound on him.
    I might consider home schooling as you seem to be doing a better job of teaching then they are.
    I married a man who was an admitted bully in school. They don't out grow that.


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