Friday, August 20, 2010

A really old second star to the right......

I have, since the first time I read Peter Pan and watched Disney's version and then read Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, The Little White Bird, been gaga over J. M. Barrie's tale of a young boy who never grows up and the adventures he has.

When my granddaughter was small, we emerced her into the land and love of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Capt. J. T. Hook, Smee, the lost boys and others. Some of my favorite memories of her as a toddler are nights when she would join us in the hot tub and we were to all do the "parts" of the story. Of course only she could be Wendy. Sweet Man was all the other characters and I was chosen to do the sound effects....Tinks sound, the croc and all the extras.....wonderful times....shared with one who still  believes in fairies, as do the adults who love her.

I have a "collection" of books related to the story as well, so when I stumbled upon this invitation to be a part of the 2nd annual Second Star to the right (please click on the sidebar button for this event to view others), well I felt like Kismet had occurred.

I thought I would not be able to "play" this year because of my health and then my grandson's surgery. But I gave it another think (as Winnie the Pooh says) and realized I had a very old and probably not well known link to the past of Peter Pan and so I will share the pictures and verse of "All About Peter Pan" published in 1924 by Cuppies & Leon Company, New York. Written by Emma Gelders Sterne, pictures by Thelma Gooch. The pictures are so sweet and innocent. The dedication reads "Dedicated to the Nicest Child in the Whole World", Gleaned from the treasure house of Sir James M. Barrie --the only grown-up to whom the fairies gave the gift of memory that he might tell us of Peter Pan.

No wonder I have such a strong belief in faeries and the magic that they exude. It called a Pan addiction.

And so the story begins: If you are not quite grown up you will remember Solomon's Island, where all babies are birds before they leave the Never-Never Land to live with their mothers and daddies. Grown-ups cannot remember the beautiful island, but they know that when they want a baby they must ask Mr. Stork to fly to the Never-Never Land and fetch them one from the Solomon's Island.......skipping a few pages......Mr. and Mrs. Pan would like a very fine baby boy today. Can you fix them up? Hum, said Solomon Caw, I think I can....and with that robin redbreast was transformed into a baby for the Pan's...

Peter is then delivered to the Pan's who loved him very much. But -- this is the exciting part, Peter was not quite a baby because his wings were still fastened on his little pink shoulders and the next day as he lay in his kiddie coop by the open window. He flew back to Never-Never land.

Well you can see he was betwixt and between not a baby in the real world and not a bird in Never-Never land.

Cute little book with a whole different take on the forever child boy.

Other selected readings for Peter Panophiles:
100th Anniversary Edition (1987) Peter Pan Illustrated by Michael Hague (gorgeous)
Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean (2006) The First ever authroized sequel to Peter Pan
The Adventures of a Notorious Youth -Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart, Illustrated by Brett Helquist (a bit of a twist)
Walt Disney's Peter Pan as Retold by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson, pictures by Mary Blair (cheeky)
Anyone and all of the Peter Pan adventures by Barry & Pearson, a lovely series that goes into the how it could have beens, if only. Lovely reads for those who love Peta, Peta Pan.

I am so exicted to have been able to be a part of this "happening" as we used to call them in the 60's and look forward to checking out all the other lovely posts about Never-Never Land thoughts.


  1. So wonderful and magical. Always loved this tale.

  2. Beautiful Linda, I love these old books, how wonderful you have them. I never heard of this before. Loved it, hugs to you.

  3. Who really wants to grow up! Such beautiful, photos....magic, and children is something that we all can never get enough of....

  4. Linda, this was a delightful post. I had not heard of all these Peter Pan related books and now I am intrigued. Something maybe to explore with my youngest granddaughter?

  5. wonderful story. I was all about Dorothy and the Land of Oz myself. I still have some of my old OZ books, a little worse for the wear.

  6. So glad you were able to join the party...this post is delightful! Old books are a treasure like no other...

    Wishing healthy and happy days ahead for you and your grandson!


  7. I simply love it.. I had never heard of this story before and I love the olden pictures so much.... Thank you so much for sharing it with us... I am glad that you seen the urgency to do so. The fairies are blessed to have you as a watcher, though I am sure they already know that.

  8. Thanks for sharing this delightful story with us. I too have always been enamored by the story, I wanted to be Peter, never Wendy. I shall have to check out your link.

  9. Wonderful ,delightful ! I love old books & illustrations !Thanks for the list of related books , I will be checking them out !

  10. Dear Linda!
    Hope you are doing well!?
    Lovely illustrations, thank´s for showing them!
    Lots of love

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this story and the lovely pictures. I have actually never read this story, but I beleive I have read of it when researching Peter Pan. Thank you for including this so that other "Peter Panophiles" like myself can experience a piece of the puzzle or mythology that they hadn't yet come across!

  12. Oh wow, what a lovely old book, and what lovely illustrations!!!


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