Sunday, August 22, 2010

Star of the Blog, and let's not forget it, okay?

Friday morning started really early for me (I don't usually do early). We had to be up and ready to get Ry down to a mid city hospital to his eye surgery appointment. This surgery has been a need to do for awhile, but it is hard to think about your little one being put under anethesia and also having someone "monkeying" around with the eyes.

Here is the before shot of his eyes. I will post the after shots in blogs to come.

As you probably have been able to see from his photos (which I certainly have bored you with  over the past year or so) that his left eye wandered over to rest at the bridge of his nose. It was a mucscle problem not lazy eye like his Momma had. When he got in high stress situations, positive or negative, that left eye would take off for the nose area. His eyesight was being impaired (duh) and he was finding it more and more difficult to control. So Shelley had scheduled with a top eye surgeon to have the surgery in October.....their office called with a cancellation and we were all over getting him there right quick.

He and I entertained ourselves while Mom did all the paperwork stuff and check in garbage. Had a great time entertaining the waiting room full of folks. We do that no matter where we go. He is such a character and we kinda have a fondness for one another that folks take to......or at least stare with their mouths open...Whatever.

Air dancing for the nurses.
Got him all situated in one of those charming, didn't have all the ties, open air, blue gown back in pre op area and the little camera monkey turns and says to me,"Hey Oma, did you bring your camera so I can be the star of your blog?" Does this kid get it or what?

Why of course I did.....and so we have pix of his finding all the compartments to the gown, the wearing of the green socks and later...the sedative taking affect. The green socks is a funny thing though. His sister dances "Folklorico" dancing (Latin folk dancing), he wants to. So he runs around at home slapping his feet on the tile with his Tevas. I told him he looks like an Irish Mexican know Rio Grande River Dance. He thinks he's fabulous and just keeps jumping around like a Mexican jumping Leprechaun, so the wearing of the green socks was a bonus for him.

Okay ladies, you know I was gonna have to work a great looking guy into this post somewhere, besides Ry of course. Well the Anesthesiologist walked in to "visit" with Ry and Shelley and I both almost made yum, yum fine. A cross between Robert Rodrigues and Harrison Ford...oh Shut up. And I couldn't get the nerve up to take his picture.....stupid old woman. He was so good with Ry, gave him the information about going to la la land in a way that a kid could really get....and he was so personable to him. Gave him confidence that he would be fine. That made all of us feel better. Then they gave Ry liquid "kick you on your butt" meds and he was hilarious.

Yep, I'm feeling kinda loopy.
It was like the skin was falling off his face....too cute. Sweet boy only had to be surgery for less than an hour. Had big ole red spots in his eyes afterwards and was none too happy when we drove him home. Couldn't open his eyes.  I am sure they hurt some, although the surgeon made sure he had all the meds he needed. I thought we would have a long, long week with him being kinda whiny and poorly.......

Last picture of his crazy eye....yay for my gorgeous boy.
Woke up this morning acting like nothing ever happened. Was hungry, happy and the sparkler he usually is. Kids are remarkably resiliant. So we have to fight to keep him quiet and he can't go outside for a week....yeah like that's gonna happen. Can't go to school for a bit (and it just started) for safety sake. But all in all he did great and we were home by noonish.


  1. What an awesome little guy, huh!? He's so handsome himself...and I'm glad to hear he bounced right back! He is definitely a star ;-)

  2. Linda, Ry is such a handsome fellow and well deserves to be the center focus of your blog. I have a lazy eye also and when I get tired my left eye kind of drifts off, It just keeps people on their toes. Glad he is getting his fixed although he is handsome anyway.

  3. That is one handsome, fun lil' boy you have there Grandma. What a stitch. :)

    Glad he is okay and it was nice getting an update.

    Love to you all. :)

  4. Visiting the Second Star to the Right entries...

    Amazing lil fellow there...following dreams is sometimes hard work, but the rewards are amazing - as is your Star!

    all my best wishes,

  5. Linda, One consolation - as fast as time has been going, that week will be gone in no time. Ry is so handsome and he is going to charm the girls, you know. I am so glad the surgery is over and went well. I look forward to future pictures!
    ♥ audrey

  6. Oh man, do they come any cuter than that? I think not. Best of luck with this sweet one's surgery. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers, Oma.

  7. What a charmer, he will break some hearts. Couldn't help but laugh at his intoxicated photo.
    Know it was so hard to let your "star" go under the knife but I am sure he will love his new unskewed vision.
    So glad you are both mending.

  8. glad it all went well.... I am sure you are releived.... He is going to swoon the women even more so.... what a charmer....

  9. Hey no fair!
    He'll get way too much attention now!
    Blimey Lindy...he's a cutie-pie ain't he?
    Give him a big sloppy smackeroony from the Mountain Witch :0)

  10. What handsome little boy he is, Linda! I'm so happy everything went okay on his surgery and he's back to his sweet self again (and yes, resilience is the word when kids are the subject!). Send tons of kisses to him with all our love, and also to Gerea (can't wait to see her drawing here!).

    You're the sweetest!


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