Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I should like to invite you to a party

Next Saturday October 16th the grands and I will be presenting our edition to a Fanciful Twists Halloween blog Party.
Please stop by and see us, act out our self written adventure of Princess Magisyen Nan Robo, the Sorceress of Spiders and her traveling companion Grumete Scheepsjongen as they search for the missing Royal spider Spinella Mokkara. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I am also having a giveaway for this Witch's hat. So don't miss your change to show off your witchatude. All that is required is that you leave a comment Thursday, Friday or Saturday at Olde Baggs. The winner will be drawn on Sunday October 17th. Comment on all three days and get 3 chances and if you become a follower, I will enter your name 2 extra times. Post on your blog and I will enter your name 3 extra times........thanks.

See you at the party.


  1. Like the hat!
    Scheeps jongen = Ship boy in Dutch :-) Did you know that Lin?
    I also must have a party the 16th,but i don't have a party feeling :-( you know what i mean...
    But i HAVE to, so i try to do the best i can to make a Halloweenish party!
    See you later!

  2. Wow. Did you make that hat? Amazing. :) And I can't wait for the party and the story. Anticipation...mmmmmm.....I will be back to post, because I want that hat. NEED that hat. Okay. I would really like to have a cool hat like that.

  3. your parties are always such fun... and a wonderful giveaway to boot.... a gorgeous creation I must say.... can not wiat for the big event...

  4. What wonderful decorations! Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh Linda that hat is beautiful. I would love to have it. I will be posting this on my blog tomorrow morning. Please enter me. Thanks hon.
    P.S. No I don't mind you razing me. I love it.

  6. Oh what a fab hat, I wonder what sized bear head that would fit :oD

  7. That hat is amazing! I am so excited for the party!

  8. Beautiful! Every witch needs a hat. I found you from "can we have a new witch, ours melted?" and I am following you now.

  9. fantastic posts!!!please count me in!


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