Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Clucking Good Blog award.......

I would like to thank Emberlyn Rayne of for this honor.

The rules of this award are to pass it along to a few Clucking Good Bloggers

I would like to pass this award along to my steadfast lovelies....the ones that have been here almost from day one. You are all good chickens in my book. Thanks for making a huge difference in my life......everyday. And if you'd rather not pass this along okey dokey but please accept it with my love.

Marlene of Marlene's Musings
Skippy Mom of I Make Soap
Linda of RV Vagabonds
Audrey of The Miracles, Magic and Joys of an Artist
Gloria of Gloria's Blog Viva La Vida
Danni of The Whimsical Cottage
Nydia of Bringing Up Salamanders
Danni of The Whimsical Cottage
Judy of Judy's photos
Patti of The New Sixty
Ellen of Stuff from Ellen's Head
Georgina of La Llorona
Janie of Mother Moon
faerwillow of ~serendipity~


  1. Wow! Thanks sweetheart. You put me in some darn good company there. I am humbled. [Well, except that Vagabraun chick. We know ALL about her, don't we. heehee - I am kidding NMM - you know that.]

    Thank you again. Hugs and love!
    [Now if you'll excuse me I am just going to hangout and listen to your awesome playlist. lol]

  2. Thanks for the clucking award...I'll make sure the chickens know about it ...

  3. ~i can cluck!?!? congrats on your award and to all those you have passed this along too...thank you my dear for thinking of me...does this mean you officially DO awards now!! much l♥ve and light upon you always~

  4. thank you for the mention you Olde Bagg.

  5. Congrats big time for your well deserved award. You do have a "clucking great blog."
    Thank you so much for including me in your flock. I'm truly flattered.
    I see I have some new places to go. Thanks again.

  6. Does bitching count as a "cluck?" LOL Muchas Gras, mi amiga, I'm are the bestes of the westes!!

    Muchos besos and the cabritos are sending you butterfly kisses,

  7. You're such a beautiful soul I love! Thank you for this cool award! I humbly accept it... I can say the same about you , you know it!

    Kisses and love from us.

    PS: Has G got her letter already?

  8. Hehe... clucking great. ;) Thank you for the award and the chuckle. <3

  9. Thank you Linda! Congrats on your award. You deserve it! It's a great award. I love the chicken and accept this beautiful award. Have a great day.


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