Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where have you been darling Linda????????

There I was dancing in red sparkly shoes, drinking in all the wonderfulness of our Ozzie time together, wearing a prouder than I could be button on my shirt and my dance card was full.

And then.............I got lost. Sorry. But I promise tomorrow, I will have a fun little tidbit for you of the happy, sparkly variety.

Hugs, The Olde Bagg, herself.


  1. I'm veeeery curious~! hehehe! :-)

  2. I enjoyed our Oz Party - glad you invited me to join!

  3. Well hey, I have some blue shiny shoes I could share with you for a bit. I need the red ones for work right now ;o)

  4. Something happy and sparkly sounds good to me! ~tina

  5. Suffering a little Oz letdown, Linda? Spring is coming, Easter is coming, warm weather is coming. The birds are singing. The turtles will be out and about. All things to make us happy and joyful! And, I'm sure your sparkly post tomorrow will make us all happy, too.
    Hugs and smiles for you.
    ♥ audrey

  6. OK, I'll be back for happy and sparkly when you are "found".

  7. Dearest Linda!
    Save the last dance for The Skating Monkey!

  8. Looking forward to happy and sparkly

  9. I love what you've done with the cursor on your blog! A magical trail of stardust. I have not been out and about as much either. Too many hours at the day job lately. All this work makes me a bit cranky. Can't wait to read your fun tidbit tomorrow.


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