Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just for those who already follow me............

Gosh people.....string you along for a bit and you resort to name calling and pouting.

Just what I'd expect from my crazy bunch of followers. It is for that reason that I decided to be a wild child. Well that and that's who I am....the little old rule breaker me.

There is something that is just wrong about asking new folks to become your follower so that you can  have more numbers of followers, they can have a chance to win something, when your "peeps" who visit with you all the time are going.....uh hello what about us? What, are we chopped liver?

It also decreases the chances to win said prizes. Right??????  Or did I hit my head again? And then most of us ask that the giveaway be publicized on the new persons blog and so more new folks (don't get me wrong I love new folks, we're all new, once in awhile) come and enter and all the while I get writers cramp from writing the names on little tiny pieces of paper and then I hate throwing them away and make the kids use them for collages and whew....take a breath.

So the long of the story is: I am only letting you, my current followers enter the Mad Tea Party giveaway. The Mad Tea Party is not until next Saturday. That means that you will definately be the winners....not someone who only wants me for my prizes and charming chatter. But then I'll probably going back to being a bloggy lemming in the future, so for this one's all about you, my lovelies.

I am giving away the Red Queen's fascinator crown (as pictured on the beauteous GK),
a miniature Alice in Wonderland ornament (just like the one in the photo)
and a "Not Quite Right" heart from my Etsy shop (your choice).

Here's the rules: enter a comment indicating which of the items you would like on this post and either of the other two posts I will post between now and the Mad Tea Party. That means if you want a chance on all three, well there ya go. If you want all three chances on one item that's how you do it.

I will draw and post the winner on Friday June 24th before the Tea Party. I know, I'm a rebel without a clue but I love you all and at my last giveaway it turned out that all the prizes were to loved ones and it felt so very wonderful and damn it, I deserve to feel cut down on the name calling okay????? hehehehehehe.

************Okay there have been questions. The giveaway is for the crown (which is held on by a comb), the Alice (sorry just the Alice) and a heart from my Etsy shop.
If you want the crown, comment crown, crown, crown on 3 separate days blogs during the week
If you want a chance for all day comment crown, then another comment heart and the last comment Alice.
If you want some other're on your own ad infinitum. You guys are so funny.


  1. Okay, I apologize (somewhat) for ranting at you. My question is: How did you get the fascinator to stay on GK's head at that angle?? Her makeup is too fab, btw, especially her eyes, and the Helena Bonham Carter mouth! Too cute. So, I would very much like to win something from you, but I have forgotten what I am supposed to do, LOL, so I have to scroll back up and look, dang you....okay, um, I am confused. Are there one of three items to choose from; or three from three posts to choose from? Hell, I'm dense and I got no sleep last night from wondering about your confounded giveaway. (focus, center, breathe.....) ????

  2. I love the Alice that one piece or several? I love them all but the clock caught my eye.

    I tend to measure my worth by my numbers are low for almost three years, but I keep. I realize the quality of my blogging friends is much more important than the numbers.

  3. Okay, I'm sorry I called you mean, sorta. I was probably high on sugar cookies or something so I didn't really mean it. Well, maybe a little. Anyhoo, I'd be thrilled to win one of those not quite right hearts hand made by you. (How's that for kissing up?) Hope your weekend is everything you need it to be.

  4. Hey Linda, well, I love that you are a rebel! and, I think it's great you are giving your followers a chance to win your gorgeous items! That's really sweet of you! And, if I see Mina's name again winning anything, I swear, there is some really good magic being used! LOL! So, from what I understand, I am suppose to say what I want 3 times, on 3 different posts? I would love one of your hearts, please ;o) Waving my hands really high ;o) Pick me ;o)

  5. Alrighty then: Alice Alice Alice!! LOL!

  6. O.K.! I want Alice!!! Hope enjoying your weekend, and I'll see you during the week, at least TWICE, right?! ~tina

  7. I think I'm the only Queen in the land without a crown, so I definitely need the crown :)

  8. What a great idea! So smart you are. I would LOVE one of your Not Quite Right Hearts.

  9. What, no name calling? No fair! :oD

    Oh alright then *pout*

    Thank you very much wonderful Olde Bagg for your very generous giveaway, and could I pretty please, with sugar, and a cherry on top, have the crown.

    I'm flying off on holiday for 2 weeks the day of the giveaway (anyone want to come steal my flatmate while I'm gone? No, really, anyone?!) but I think a crown would set off my new holiday outfits beautifully, in imagination if not actually in person...

  10. What a beautiful crown and Alice looks at lovely as ever, but nothing can beat your "No Quite Right" hearts, so of course I would like that. I have a half-dead pine (no joke, we got it last Winter Solstice and it look like it was going to die, but then it began to come back) anyhoo, the one I already have plus a few more would look gorgeous!

  11. I thought I posted a response, but it be gone!!! Alice!!!!!!

  12. Linda you, you, you are so right about the numbers game. I so enjoy my followers and the interaction shared with them. Most of them like yourself are a real hoot and down right real!

  13. I'd follow even without the giveaways.

  14. Oh, what a lovely idea! You pamper us all so much anyway, but if it makes you feel wonderful to share solely with your loves only, well who am I to argue?;-)

    Okay, I know I should not even be entering, as I have recently won more than any one girl could deserve but Linda, we are talking about NOT QUITE RIGHT HEARTS!!! I must enter for a chance at one of them. I just saw one the other day that I drooled so heavily that my keyboard nearly shorted out. So, even though your other offers are beautiful, I am greatly attached to the hearts and my Oz heart would love the company.

  15. And now, for something completely different! Crown!!!!!

  16. I love rebels. And since I am not quite right, A Not Quite Right Heart would be just perfect for me!

  17. I could use an Alice to sit in the hutch next to Humpty Dumpty... ;)


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